Tinashe Desires to Take Fans on a Joyride

It is hard for an artist that is new to the industry to get the attention of fans that are looking for some entertainment. Tinashe is someone that had a big hit at the beginning of her career, but the mega hit can often turn into a nightmare for someone that may have never been able to produce another successful single after that. This is very well the case for Tanisha.
She has a new album called “JoyRide,” and some of her fans cannot wait to hear it. Typically, it is the dedicated fans that are putting their interest into hearing her music. There are a lot of other people that are part of the entertainment industry that Tinashe is competing with. All the other artists out there make it very hard for her to build a career because the competition is so strong. No one can deny that she has talent. No one can deny that she has sex appeal. The reality, however, is that Tinashe the type of of artist that doesn’t get much radio play. That has kept her away from the spotlight for a long time.

When you don’t have the hit songs it becomes harder to get the radio spins.
Joyride is a better album then the last mixtape that she brought to her fans, but she is going to have to push really hard to make this CD shine. She is going to have to promote it more and do more to get people to look at what she is bringing to the table. If she doesn’t push herself with social media it will be difficult for her to stand out from other artists like Janelle Monae and Beyonce. These are superstars that are making innovative videos for every single that they have.

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