The Role of Vincent Parascandola with the AXA International.

AXA International has been in existence since the year 1816. Back then, the company had a different name that did not appeal to many people. Several years later, AXA saw the need of adopting a name that would become acceptable worldwide. The company has managed to grow to the multinational insurance company it is today through the acquisition of various companies. Some of the companies that the company has bought include Compagnie Parisienne de Garantie, Dorout Group as well as The Equitable and Union des Assurances De Paris. AXA has also bought other companies such as the Guardian Royal Exchange, Sun Life & Provincial Holdings and Winterthur Group.


AXA has maintained its offices in offices and specializes in financial services, global insurance, and investment management. For eight years, the company has recorded an annual growth of 14 percent. It is ranked 3rd on the list of most powerful corporations under the financial industry coming short of State Street Corporation and Barclays. It has managed to establish its roots in almost all continents as it operates in Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and even the Middle East. However, the firm operates under different names in each continent. One thing that one should realize is that the name AXA is not an acronym. Instead, it was a name designed to ensure that it can be pronounced by people of all nations.


AXA has initiated a special research fund called the AXA Research Fund as part of its corporate social responsibility. This research fund is used for research and is estimated to be about 100 million Euros. Many institutions have benefited from this fund, and they include INSERM, NUS, HEC Paris as well as the University of Bristol.


Vincent Parascandola has been with AXA for many years where he has held many positions. With AXA, he has managed to specialize in estate planning, asset management, retirement planning and life insurance and not forgetting financial services. He is a graduate of Pace University where he graduated with a degree in computer science.


Currently, he acts as the senior executive vice president of AXA US. In this position, he is responsible for overseeing the growth and development of this company in the US. Other positions that he has held with AXA Equitable include chief sales officer and president of the continental decision. He has also served as the president of the same division for four years ending his tenure in the year 2012.

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