The Return of Jay-Z

Jay-Z has made it known the download fall of the marriage was unexpected, not something that was not what he planned to do, but honesty is something that was not presence in the marriage. This caused him to hide much of the affair from Beyonce and all of this comes through quite well through his riddles and album.

There has been lots of talk by other rappers that are close in age with Jay-Z about the content. It has received good reviews from Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent, but they feel that Jay-Z is actually too old to be rapping right now. They believe that he should retire from the game the same way that he proclaimed to retire more than a decade ago.

Jay-Z has continued to release prolific material. The number of albums that he has created has proven that he is able to release new content and still remain relevant in a sea of young rappers even though he is close to 50 years of age. He has had decades of success. In the last 10 years he has won many awards. The last full album was a collaboration with Kanye West on “Watch the Throne.” This is the first time that Jay-Z has taken on a solo album in a couple years, and none of the familiar faces are in place for the production. Kanye West is not in place because there is a breakdown in the friendship.

Pharrell or Timberland, long-time Jay-Z contributors for beats, or not in place either. It is proof positive that Jay-Z is moving away from his circle and really renting out as a man that has a family and a wife to share his life with. Jay-Z has changed a lot, and the album is a clear indication of this.

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