The Resurgence of Tinashe

Tinashe has delivered an interesting new “Joyride” album with the help of songwriters, but there still seems to be something that is missing from the equation. She has managed to create this type of sound that does not really define who she is. This seems to be the reoccurring theme that surfaces when she makes an album.

More people are noticing that her time in the spotlight is often dictated by music where she is making people dance. This is always a good start for Tinashe. The trouble always comes when she has to create a full album that is not composed of dance tracks. When you become known for making dance singles like this it becomes what people expect anything more. What Tinashe typically does is take her music listeners on a different ride that does not involve as much dancing. This sometimes makes it difficult for people that take interest in the initial single to have the same type of interest in the overall album. This definitely makes it harder for her to keep her fan base interested in what she is doing next.

Sometimes it is all about strategy. What Tinashe has done is create any opportunity that allows her to expand her fan base because she is working with different producers. Unfortunately, to catch that magic in a bottle type of hit song you have to cast a net wide. It is to her advantage to work with different people like French Montana because there could be something with them that makes it easier to acquire and mainstream hit.

Tinashe has always had something of a hip hop type of feel to her music, but there are instances where some of the songs easily sound like Fifth Harmony pop-styled songs that could help her crossover quickly.

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