The Greatest Rap Verse through Kendrick Lamar’s Eyes

Talk about debating the single most magnificent rap verse. The thought itself seems to have cracked straight from a barbershop in the 90s. A debate that perhaps, would get accompanied by a question on who’s the best top five rap artist. However, the perceptions deter the faint-hearted. With the opportunity to interview an artist like Kendrick Lamar, you got to ask all the questions. Everything including those deemed to have been passed by time. Well, when posed with the question about his greatest rap verse, Kendrick Lamar gave the honor to a special someone. An icon in the industry, Snoop Dogg.

The verse, “Hey, one, two, three, and to the four” is a line that comes from the 1992 hit called ‘Nuthin But a G Thang.’ The hit was the first single in The Chronic album. Well, the choice of the line was expected considering that Kendrick Lamar hails from the West Coast region. On the other hand, The Rap icon Snoop Dogg passed down the torch to Kendrick Lamar (as the best rapper) in Los Angeles in 2011. As it is so, it went on to show the close relationship and Kendrick’s love for the icon’s music.

One would expect that Kendrick would have picked a verse from his music. However, in a previous event, Kendrick revealed to i-D that ‘FEAR’ is his greatest achievement. On the other hand, he declined to give a straight answer when asked if he has written the best rhyme yet. Kendrick attributed the lyrics of the song to honesty. He added that the first verse shows the fears he faced through childhood. The second verse tells of the fear during his teenage years while the third touches on his fears at 27. The honesty in the lyrics qualifies to make then his best lyrics so far.

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