The Crusade Against Inmates Using Cell Phones Has Just Begun

South Florida native Robert Johnson, who worked as a correctional officer for many years, knows what kind of harm inmates who have access to cell phones can do. He said that they started the problem, and it is his job to finish it. He says that when inmates have access to cell phones, we are only five seconds away from disaster.


He recalls the day when someone came to his house at five in the morning. The person knocked down his door and menaced at him. The man pointed the barrel of a gun at him and shot him in the chest six times. Robert Johnson still has the scars to this day. After being shot, Robert says he recalls nothing, except that he woke up on his bathroom floor.


Robert was targeted by an inmate with a cell phone. The inmate used the cell phone to orchestrate the hit on him. He was angry at Robert for basically doing what his job called for him to do, which was to make sure that contraband is not allowed to enter the prisons. According to Robert, an inmate may be locked up and may be behind bars, but if they have a cell phone, they can cause massive problems.


Robert recovered from his injuries and decided to set out on a mission to stop inmates from having access to cell phones. He knew firsthand what kind of harm can come about from that. He also points to a story in Georgia, where a baby was shot in his mother’s arms. Robert explained that the hit was orchestrated by three inmates who were locked up but had access to a cell phone. They did it because the baby’s uncle did something they did not like.


Robert now works as a consultant for Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies has developed the ultimate solution for preventing inmates from having access to cell phones. It is called the Wireless Containment Solution.


The Wireless Containment Solution prevents illegal cell phones from accessing the mobile network. Not only that, but it provides law enforcement officials with information about the illegal cell phones that try to access the network. Many states are now using the Wireless Containment Solution in order to prevent inmates from accessing the mobile network. Other companies have tried to come up with a good solution, but none of them actually prevented the cell phones from being able to make calls; they only recorded the logs of the calls. Oftentimes, it was too late to do anything when the calls were discovered. The Wireless Containment Solution avoids that problem by preventing phones from accessing the network in the first place unless they are authorized.


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