Taking You to Unimaginable Places, With Andrew Rocklage

Andrew Rocklage is a name that many people living in Boston, Massachusetts know. Over the years, Andrew has turned out to be a trusted lawyer, businessman, and innovator. He has earned a lot of respect due to his Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park, something he formed back in 2015. The trampoline business has been a source of joy to many locals since the facility offers recreational activities to both friends and family. As it turns out, the trampoline business is an idea that came to Andrew in an instance. Since Andrew Rocklage has always spared time to travel, he was able to gather a dozen ideas, knowledge he used to his advantage. Presently, his peers and seniors fear Andrew because they are amazed at the extent of his innovative mind. Even at his young age, Andrew Rocklage has been able to bring something worthwhile to the Daytona community.



Before 2015, Mr. Andrew had worked for corporations like EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, Avery, Doherty, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Boston Red Sox, and Major League Lacrosse. As a young man, Andrew has always had the desire to become a lawyer. To this end, he pursued BS cum laude, Sport Management, and Economics from the University of Massachusetts whose location is in Amherst. Andrew trained as a Juris Doctor at the Suffolk University Law School and also at the Isenberg School of Management. As a result, Andrew has been able to nurture his legal research skills over time.



With a strong business sense, Andrew’s entrepreneurship abilities have been able to thrive. He has learned to work with highly qualified employees, by selling them his goals and dreams and giving them ample space to execute their individual duties. Above all, he has hired people who are good at customer service and relations. In so doing, he has made sure that his clients are satisfied with the services they receive at the end of the day. It is through the above approach that his Trampoline Empire has been able to attract visitors from across the divides. Since Andrew is a people’s person, he has resulted to training some of his workers so that they can serve him to the best of their abilities. Through research, Andrew has made himself more tech savvy. As a result, he has been able to come up with very ambitious ideas and even execute them. Andrew has been highly successful in his endeavors because of choices he made when he was a young man. Choosing to study business and law did not come as a mistake to Rocklage. Through the years, knowledge in the above disciplines has made it possible for Andrew Rocklage to protect his interests, hence his continuous success. Being a man who embraces change, it is more likely that Andrew will come up with the next big thing in America, sooner than later.


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