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Avaaz: An Active Platform

Anyone who is ever hosted a party knows that getting everyone together can be harder than it should be. Corning large groups of people have likely been the headache of activists for centuries. Luckily the modern era has found a solution to many things including the hassle of bringing like-minded people together to affect change. A convenience new way to get involved with calls is that matter to you is through a website known as Avaaz. This website is a haven for those who struggle with how to get involved. It boasts a variety of ways for activists to champion their causes.

One way that new activists can easily get involved is through nifty tools such as emailing your leader directly. This allows individuals to compose an email highlighting their grievances or concerns for the leader. It takes all the guesswork out of who the email in regards to your pet issue. They also have a variety of other handy and simple mechanisms for making your opinion known. Another example of these mechanisms is digital petitions. These digital petitions are easy-to-read and even easier to sign. This way organizers can easily collect signatures. The simple but effective approach is a far cry from the traditional method of collecting signatures one by one.

The method by which an issue turns into a campaign has a few parts. The first part is usually a suggestion being made. From there the suggestion is evaluated by staff members to ferret out its potential as a campaign. If they believe that this given issue would make a valuable addition to their platform they send emails to their members of random and gauge the responses they receive. With sufficient community support, they move forward and create a new campaign for the given issue. Campaigns can vary, while the methods listed are the simplest they are not the only ones employed. More traditional tactics of sit-ins or picketing can be employed. These are excellent options for the more active activists. Whether members decide to take this more active approach is up to them. What is clear is that Avaaz makes an excellent place for citizens to get involved across the globe. More about Avaaz