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Avaaz Gives Online Activism a Voice

Avaaz was founded in January of 2007. It is a U.S. based online site that promotes global action for climate change, animal and human rights, corruption and conflict prevention. It was founded by Res Publica, which is a community of professionals, and, an American nonprofit progressive public policy advocacy group. Service Employees International Union is also a partnering founder.Avaaz has numerous individual founders, but Ricken Patel is known as president and chief executive officer while Ian Bassin and Sam Barratt make up the rest of the board members.

Avaaz has not taken donations from any foundation or corporation since 2009. They also do not accept payments of more than $5,000. They get funding from their individual members who have raised over $20 million. Thier campaigners are a group of people from over 30 countries who communicate via email and employ campaigning tactics with the help of various professionals and their members.Ricken Patel says that their goal is to unite practical idealists globally. Avaaz has numerous civic credentials including their support of the political uprising before the Syrian Civil War.

They sent $1.5 million of internet communications equipment to protesters and training activists.They took a risk by sending over $2 million of medical equipment into rebel-held areas of Syria using importation routes. They managed to smuggle 34 international journalists into Syria and coordinate the evacuation of wounded British photographer Paul Conroy from Homs. Since 2016, they have continued to campaign for no-fly zones over Syria using online tactics.