Susan McGalla – Highly Reputed and Successful American Businesswomen

Susan McGalla is an inspiration to millions of women not only in the United States but across the globe in the corporate sector. She has climbed the ladder of success fast in the business world and is known for being the former President of as well as CEO of American Eagler Outfitters Inc and Wet Seal Inc. Susan McGalla is also on the board of commercial real estate services company named HFF Inc and is one of the directors at Allegheny Conference on Community Development.


Susan McGalla is often requested to be the speaker at many significant events and forums and has spoken at the Carnegie Mellon University Conference and the reputed Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. Susan McGalla, after years of working in the corporate sector as a branding, business, and marketing executive has founded her branding and consulting firm named P3 Executive Consulting LLC.


Susan McGalla recently discussed how women can advance in their career and what strategies to use to strengthen their position in the workplace. One of the first advice she gives to women across the world is to focus on education and start saving early for their higher education. Susan notices that there are many women with potential but without the formal education that act as a barrier to advancing in their career. Susan McGalla says that as education is becoming expensive, it is important for the women across the globe to start managing their finances accordingly so that when the time comes, they can pay for their higher education.


Secondly, she asks women to network with their peers and other influencers in their workplace as well as the industry. It would not only help get them the necessary support they need but would also open doors to multiple opportunities going forward. For achieving higher management designation at the workplace, it is important for the women to showcase strong work ethics and performance that is at par or better with other employees, irrespective of their gender. Susan McGalla says that women with high work ethics are always preferred by employers as they are dependable and trustworthy.


Thirdly, Susan McGalla says that it is important for the women to forget and not worry about the highly talked about the proverbial glass ceiling for females and minorities in the corporate world. She says it is important to keep on doing the work with focus, determination, and dedication, and believe that it would pay off sooner or later, which it will.


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