Ski Mask and XXXTENTACION Seemingly End Beef

Florida souncloud rappers XXXTENTACION and Ski Mask the Slump God reunited this weekend at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami. During Ski Mask’s Sunday set, “X” walked onto the stage, unannounced. Ski Mask, in the middle of performing a song, exchanged words with his former collaborator. Fans could hear the rappers each say their love for one another. “I love you, bro,” X said and Ski Mask responded, “I love you too, fam.” As the crowd cheered, the two hugged each other.

You can see the reunion on Youtube, here.

Not long ago, the two were engaged in an ugly beef with each other, with X saying harsh things about Ski Mask. At one point XXXTENTACION that he would not release any more music until Ski Mask would agree to be his friend again. Over time, their beef began to disappear, with Ski Mask saying he still “had love” for X, but that he would keep his distance due to X’s “crazy” nature. Much of the origin of the beef has been kept out of the public eye, leaving fans confused and curious. In a recent interview, X gave more insight into how the artistic and personal relationship began to fall apart, saying, “It was a lack of appreciation on his end… he put a business perspective before a personal relationship”.

The two rappers are known for pioneering the incredibly popular Florida soundcloud sound of mumble rap and aggressive beats. Their similar lyrical flows and musical styles have led fans of each individual rapper to become fans of both artists. The reunion should be welcome news to the XXXTENACION and Ski Mask fanbases. Ski Mask the Slump God released a new mixtape this past week and X is touring after the success of his latest album, “?”.

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