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The West Coast is well-known for being a haven for some of the most talented hip hop artists of all time. We know about Snoop Dog and Kendrick Lamar, but there are some new artists emerging on the scene. Boogie is the latest West Coast rapper to take charge of the microphone. He was signed to Shady Records back in October. It’s reasonable to say that Eminem has an eye for great lyrical talent.

Shady Records is home to other gifted emcees like Yelawolf, but Boogie has a special talent. It’s really difficult to find a rapper that performs with grace and power. This is the main reason why many insiders believe he is the best artist on the label.

Eminem has high expectations for his new artist. He stated that Boogie is everything that he wants out of an emcee. This is high praise from a hip hop legend that has dominated the scene for years. Boogie’s ability to spit bars with rare words can impress anyone. He’s a concert promoter’s dream.

Boogie expressed he feels pressure working under Eminem. However, he also stated that he’s using that pressure to motivate him. Boogie is well-known for having great work ethic. He spends hours of his time perfecting his craft in the studio. He knows this is the only way he will be able to excel in this competitive industry.

You can see Boogie’s passion for his art when he takes the microphone. He understands that his commitment to the game will help him go far. He enjoys rapping about the events that are taking place in our society. It’s fair to say that he’s conscious about their effects. Boogie’s career can go far if he stays focused and committed to the game.

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