Rapper T.I. Arested On Alcohol Related Charges

As everyone knows, famed rapper T.I. is no stranger to legal troubles. The talented rapper has sat out time behind bars instead of working on his incredible career, but come out the other side with stories to weave into his songs. Now, he’ll have a new legal woe to write about, the singer was recently arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Public Drunkenness.

T.I., who’s legal name is Clifford Harris Jr., was arrested around 4am in Georgia, according to the Henry County Police Department. The rapper arrived at a gated community, the same one he resides in, but did not have his key in his possession. He then began demanding the guards let him in, repeatedly asking them if they were aware of who he was. Eventually, the guards granted the musician entrance into the community. After a short time, T.I. returned, on foot, to the guard window to confront the guard again. He had also called a friend to come to his aid, the friend joined in as the two harshly confronted the guard, and eventually this led to the police being called. The friend, who’s name is unknown at this time, was also arrest due to an outstanding warrant he had.

T.I. is no stranger to the legal system, he even tends to refer to himself as a multiple felon in his own songs. Beginning back in 1998, T.I. was sentenced to three years for distribution of cocaine, manufacturing and distributing of a controlled substance and providing law enforcement with a false name. After serving just one year of the sentence, the rapper was paroled. In 2004 he was once again on the wrong side of the law when he was busted for a violation of his parole. In 2007 he faced prosecutors in a court room who pulled out every card, fighting to send the rapper away for a long time following a string of weapons relate convictions. He served one year and one day in prison following the court case. Most recently, in 2010 the singer and his wife were both arrested in Los Angeles on drug possession charges.

While there is no doubt that the entertainer has an opportunity for a bright and prosperous future in the music industry, his legal woes seem to creep up often enough to find a way to hold him back. For more information on this arrest, head to Huffington Post.

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