PSI-Pay Making Transaction easier With Digital Wallet System

PSI-Pay is a company that offers alternative banking system. The company is formally based on the UK. Its sole and main purpose is to help business organizations manage their financial matters more efficiently. It is situated in the Horsham are in West Sussex of the United Kingdom.



PSI-Pay was initially formed in the year 2007. It provides facilities like credit card services and financial services and is considered to be the largest Fintech companies in the UK. The company is licenced to issue prepaid base pay cards and other electronic payment methods which are accessible in 173 countries worldwide and in 44 available currencies. With the aid of the European Union, PSI pay can now issue MasterCard services too.



One of the trending methods of making and receiving payments these days are via digital wallets. Digital wallets are much hyped up trend of this generation. It is praised for its capability to make a place for credit, debit, loyalty card and cash. Digital wallets improve the security of carrying around money. It also enables the user to replace several cards with a single mobile device. Nowadays the Europeans readily use the facilities of digital wallets as they have the capacity to hold a range of currencies and are extremely convenient to use. They can make use of this wallet for making all sorts of payments both online and offline. Making online transactions has become extremely easy and companies like PSI-Pay are what make this possible. In Netherlands almost 80% of the retailer supports the use of contactless payment. This not only makes it more convenient for the user but also increases the security as cards are not needed to be handed over in order for making a POS. PSI-Pay experts also believe that contactless payment techniques are slowly going to become even more popular than any other form of payment methods in the near future. The security trends in the finance sector also has confirmed on the matter of digital wallet becoming a more relevant form of transaction method. People now have more trust and faith on the security level of the digital wallet than they had before because now they understand the system better.



PSI-Pay has recently entered into a partnership with Kerv in order to create a sophisticated digital wallet transaction system and not just concentrate on the production process. PSI-Pay has an affiliation with the MasterCard which will also be a very beneficial factor for the company Kerv.


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