Pink Considers New Release of R&B Album

The famous pop singer, Pink, has recently been discussed by The Huffington Post news outlet for consideration of a new R&B album. The singer originally became famous as a result of a hit single released by Laface Records, which was entitle “There You Go.” The song immediately topped the Billboard Charts and Pink was featured as an up and coming R&B artist. When discussing her career, however, Pink stated that the R&B vocals came at the urging of her label’s founder, L. A. Reed. Pink had no real passion for the music featured on her first R&B album, “Can’t Take Me Home.” It wasn’t until recently, after the famous singer had released 6 albums with nearly 30 number 1 hit Pop singles, that she finally became intrigued with R&B music again and is willing to create music in the genre.

Pinks newest album, “Beautiful Trauma” is described as an angry letter to the American government and other powerful individuals. The singer is reportedly seeking to influence the political discourse though one of the most powerful mediums in human history, which is music. Pink revealed that she believes that the pen she writes her lyrics with is as powerful a weapon as any, and she hopes to influence ordinary citizens to fight against perceived oppression, whether or not it exists.

Pink’s consideration of developing music that fits a new genre comes on the heels of her success with her latest album. Now that she has released her first album in 5 years, the singer expects to enter a period of new music development. She admits that she is not willing to develop albums at the rate she did before her daughter was born, but also wrestles with her desire to create meaningful art on a consistent basis. The singer announced that her decision about the development of the new album will be evident in coming months.

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