Ice Cube Joins Interscope Records

As of yesterday, Ice Cube has joined Interscope Records. The rap symbol has marked an arrangement with Interscope Records, joining Dr. Dre as a business powerhouse. Ice Cube will keep on operating his Lench Mob Records freely, however, future tasks will have the sponsorship of Interscope. On Friday, his last three collections were discharged through the Lench Mob system after his takeoff from Priority Records. Ice Cube’s final outreach to Interscope will be the re-arrival of his great collection Death Certificate, which initially dropped in October 1991. The refreshed adaptation is being charged as a 25th-commemoration release and will incorporate three new tracks. The rapper says that there are great things in store for both him and the company. He is currently working on his final album that will mark an end of an era for his career. Once it is finished, he has plans to move on to other venues in the music industry. Signing with Interscope Records is an important piece of the puzzle that will lead to even more accomplishments. Over the past few years, Ice Cube has gone relatively unnoticed as he dealt with personal issues and collaborations with other musicians. This has given him time to find his inner self, The rapper claimed, “these projects…great stresses yet great sources of joy”. While many people attribute Ice Cube with fast paced lyrics and a raspy voice, the musician is also able to find peace with the industry. Interscope Records will give him a background to take steps and climb even higher.


InnovaCare Health: Bridging the Gap in the Health Care System

Creating a Company that Makes a Difference

Being in good health is of great importance to every individual. This is where companies like InnovaCare Health come in. Its main focus is providing good medical care. Like every other company, InnovaCare works hard to maintain its place in the society and also add to its growth, by ensuring they hire qualified personnel. They have also placed emphasis on ensuring there is a proper communication system and teamwork. Their goal is to change the governance of the health care system. InnovaCare is led by a team of well-trained professionals, with the President being Dr. Richard Shinto. Dr. Shinto earned his B.S. from the University of California, an M.B.A. from the University of Redlands and a medical degree from the University of New York. Many have acknowledged that he is the reason that the InnovaCare Health is such a success.

Dr. Shinto worked as the CEO of Aveta Inc. before he was hired at InnovaCare in 2012. While in Aveta, he got an award for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year. Before taking a position with Aveta, Dr. Shinto was a Chief Medical Officer of NAMM in California. Before then, he was Chief Medical Officer for Medical Pathways Management companies. His work portfolio is quite impressive, projecting a man who knows his way in the medical field. Read this article at Open Minds.

The Health Care Team

Another member of this great team is Penelope Kokkinides. She joined InnovaCare together with Dr. Rick Shinto and three other people. She works as the Chief Administrator and had previously worked as the company’s COO. She has also worked as the COO of Aveta Inc. and as its Clinical Operation’s vice president. Her experience in Clinical programs’ development is vast. With this team of people, InnovaCare has made it more affordable to seek medical attention to low-income earners. The number of people using InnovaCare compared to insurance has risen to 70%. It is recommended to read Dr. Shinto’s work as he has published some books on clinical medicine.

Growing more in Future

With such a committed healthcare expert, InnovaCare Health will continue to thrive in the coming years. The number of people using InnovaCare is bound to rise from the current percentage. The true passion and desire of Rick Shinto to bring a much-required change will boost this company’s future growth. This is one company everyone should look out for. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

So Many Hot Rap Albums out Right Now


With rap music growing more popular every day — and getting better at the same time — an increase in hot album reviews that are fun to read is totally warranted. Billboard recently let out a list of the best albums released so far in the first quarter of 2017. Some of the artists include Migos, Drake, and Future, three ever-popular staples of the rap industry.


Rap album reviews like those Billboard writers released are important for listeners to consume prior to purchasing them. Sometimes, samples of songs off a new album are just not the same. We can’t say any of this about Drake’s ‘More Life’, which had absolutely zero duds on the album. The artists taken on this record include 2 Chains and Young Thug, including a full line of other popular rap artists.


Future’s recent release of HNDRXX, of which you can find another write up of here, is another staple of popular strain of rap music that blare autotune. Future has another album coming up soon, something that new true rap head is forgetting about anytime soon.


Khalid’s release of ‘American Teen’ is outstanding breezy to listen to. Khalid actually came out of nowhere this year to take the rap game by storm. ‘Location’, one of Khalid’s top songs of his short career so far, has landed this album on the map for good reason.


Migos, just like Future, is expected to put out a brand new album later this year that is expected to fly off the shelves just as fast as ‘Culture’ did. There were many hot features on this album, including Young Thug and all-star caliber rappers like him.


Take full advantage of the 2017 year of rap music as it prepares to be decorated as one of the richest rap years in recent history.


Meek Mill is back with new hot track

Meek Mill is ready to set the world on fire again. Taking another hit in the loss column is not on his mind. The highly talented rapper from Philadelphia is back with new hot track. Many hip-hop insiders feel that “Glow Up” will turn heads and send people to the dance floors in night clubs around the globe.


On this blazing track, Meek let’s everyone know that he is not taking any prisoners. You can tell that Meek made an earnest effort to showcase his creativity and skills with this new piece. For instance, he says “I say Lord be my savior when it comes to getting this paper.”


“Glow Up” is traveling down the path created by the three-track project titled “Meekend Mix”. “Meekend Mix” was released earlier this month. It featured Young Thug and A$AP Ferg. Both artists are talented in their own right.


Loyal fans are looking forward to getting Meek’s third studio album. Meek stated that “DC4.5” will be better than his previous studio album. It’s fair to say that he’s telling the truth. Meek has an impeccable reputation when it comes to putting out good music. His passion and dedication separates him from other artists.


Meek is now getting ready to hit the road with Yo Gotti. This exciting tour will kick off in July. Everyone is looking forward to seeing these two Hip-Hop superstars take the stage this summer. Who will steal the spot light? Well, we will have to wait and see.


It’s good to see Meek back on the grind. The proud Philadelphian is well-known for getting the crowd excited when he takes the microphone. The future looks bright for this hip-hop giant.




Susan McGalla – Highly Reputed and Successful American Businesswomen

Susan McGalla is an inspiration to millions of women not only in the United States but across the globe in the corporate sector. She has climbed the ladder of success fast in the business world and is known for being the former President of as well as CEO of American Eagler Outfitters Inc and Wet Seal Inc. Susan McGalla is also on the board of commercial real estate services company named HFF Inc and is one of the directors at Allegheny Conference on Community Development.


Susan McGalla is often requested to be the speaker at many significant events and forums and has spoken at the Carnegie Mellon University Conference and the reputed Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. Susan McGalla, after years of working in the corporate sector as a branding, business, and marketing executive has founded her branding and consulting firm named P3 Executive Consulting LLC.


Susan McGalla recently discussed how women can advance in their career and what strategies to use to strengthen their position in the workplace. One of the first advice she gives to women across the world is to focus on education and start saving early for their higher education. Susan notices that there are many women with potential but without the formal education that act as a barrier to advancing in their career. Susan McGalla says that as education is becoming expensive, it is important for the women across the globe to start managing their finances accordingly so that when the time comes, they can pay for their higher education.


Secondly, she asks women to network with their peers and other influencers in their workplace as well as the industry. It would not only help get them the necessary support they need but would also open doors to multiple opportunities going forward. For achieving higher management designation at the workplace, it is important for the women to showcase strong work ethics and performance that is at par or better with other employees, irrespective of their gender. Susan McGalla says that women with high work ethics are always preferred by employers as they are dependable and trustworthy.


Thirdly, Susan McGalla says that it is important for the women to forget and not worry about the highly talked about the proverbial glass ceiling for females and minorities in the corporate world. She says it is important to keep on doing the work with focus, determination, and dedication, and believe that it would pay off sooner or later, which it will.


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Drake Recommends 2 Chains In New Album Trailer

Drake has done 2 Chains a very big favor. Not long ago, Drake appeared in the trailer for the upcoming 2 Chains album, “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.” This is the highly anticipated, long-awaited studio album that 2 Chains has been tweaking and perfecting for quite some time. The fourth official 2 Chains album recorded so far, “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” is one of the most anticipated rap records of 2017. In the recently released album trailer, Drake gushed about the skills and abilities of 2 Chains. In fact, Drake claimed that 2 Chains is one of his favorite rappers. Considering the fact that Drake is a best-selling rapper, this endorsement definitely carries some cultural weight. Although I am excited about hearing the new 2 Chains album, I have mixed feelings as well. In my opinion, this rapper’s last album had some glaring flaws. Although 2 Chains is a rapper of undeniable brilliance, I felt that some of the productions on the last album lacked authenticity and grit.


Quite a few music journalists are anticipating the new 2 Chains album with baited breath. Whatever its strengths or weaknesses, this album is likely to help 2 Chains burnish his career. 2 Chains might well achieve a new level of commercial success. Although 2 Chains certainly isn’t a technical rapper, his charisma shines through when he is matched with an excellent producer. Though he’s far more than a punchline rapper, 2 Chains is a deeply witty performer who uses a lot of pithy lines. Fortunately, the new 2 Chains album features production work from the likes of Mike Dean and Pharrell.


Hopefully, 2 Chains will continue to evolve over time. I agree with the many commentators who have stated that this artist has a great deal of potential. Although I am hopeful for the future of hip-hop, far too many hip-hop artists have stalled in mid-career. By the time they reach their third or fourth albums, many rappers seem stuck in a kind of formula. Aesop Rock and Kanye West show that rappers don’t have to fall victim to this common pitfall. Time will tell if 2 Chains will do what he must to grow and evolve as an artist.


Dr. Jennifer Walden New York and Texas Aesthetic surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden grew up in Austin Texas, her father was a dentist and her mother a surgical nurse. She received her undergraduate from the University of Texas at Austin, she graduated with a BA of Arts in Biology. Dr. Walden then graduated from the University of Texas (Galveston) Medical Branch and completed her surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. After completing her fellowship she decided to stay on staff at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital on New York’s upper east side for just over seven years. Dr. Walden participated in clinical trials for the reintroduction of silicone breast implants. She had a successful practice in New York City but in 2011 she returned to her home town of Austin Texas after the birth of her twin sons. She opened up a private practice in Westlake Hills in 2011 and a satellite office in 2014 in Marble Falls Texas. Dr. Jennifer Walden Co-Authored the book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Walden was listed as Harper’s Bazaar’s twenty four best beauty surgeons in 2014. She has been selected as an expert commentator in regards to plastic surgery on many popular news broadcasts such as Fox and ABC as well as shows like E! and Dr. 90210. Dr. Walden is one of the few women to be selected to serve on the board of directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is also on the Editorial Board of Directors for Modern Aesthetics’ and Plastic Surgery Practices. Dr. Walden is recognized as a leading plastic surgeon in America by American Way. She also serves as a consultant for many aesthetic companies across the United States.

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Andrew Rolfe Leads Effective Management and Restructuring of Contributions in Ubuntu Fund

Andrew Rolfe, a prominent financial executive, is leading an effective management initiative in Ubuntu Education Fund to ensure efficient services to the communities. Being a major philanthropic initiative to support the deprived children in Port Elizabeth, Ubuntu wants everything for the vulnerable and orphaned children to ensure a quality life for them. As the Chairman of Ubuntu Fund, Andrew Rolfe has thought that the contributions in the recent years are coming with some restrictions and that are not actually changing the lives as intended. The fact prompted him to think about a strategy where efficient use of money can be ensured.

With Jacob Lief, the Chief Executive Officer of Ubuntu Fund, Andrew Rolfe devised a plan to get contributions without any restrictions. They proposed the way of bringing large donors on the board of directors of the philanthropic organization. It can both the way beneficial as it ensures the expert service of those highly qualified individuals, and at the same time, they are getting experienced with practical difficulties of the philanthropic initiatives. Additionally, it would have a greater acknowledgment of charitable activities to the contributors in an efficient manner, and the donors would feel they are more engaged in philanthropic activities. It should be noted that the restrictions attached with contributions are increasing the operating costs of philanthropic organizations as well. Also, the non-profits would struggle to innovate without the flexibility considering the limitations.

In terms of philanthropic works, the organization has set up “Ubuntu Model” that works closely with communities and families to ensure customized plans for each child that offers education, health, and stability they required to escape from the poverty. To setup a flexible model like Ubuntu, the donations should be without strings, according to Andrew Rolfe. He admits that there can have issues such as clashes of interest or the donors would have different priorities. To avoid this, Rolfe advises both charities and donors to make upfront discussions on the whole procedure and expectations from both the parties. There is a general acceptance that in the recent years, the relationship between donors and charities are improving though there are few high-profile disputes.

Greg Secker’s Keys to Wealth Creation

Greg Secker is a prominent English trader and philanthropist. Secker is also a serial entrepreneur and international speaker. His career began at Thomas Cook financial services. While working there, he got the idea for a new business focused on foreign exchange. Greg left Thomas Cook to start Virtual Trading Desk. VTD became the world’s first online forex trading platform offering real time statistics.

Following the success of VTD, Greg’s career quickly progressed, and he went on to work at Mellon Financial Corporation as the Vice President. Mellon was by then one of the leading investment banks earning them a spot on the Fortune 500. Achieving new heights of success at Mellon enabled him to grow his personal trading account to the extent that allowed him to comfortably leave the company and start his own.

Greg Secker proceeded to set up a trading floor at his home. After about three months he branded the company as Learn to Trade. This new company’s focus was to teach trading to the average person. Fast forward 13 years and Learn to Trade has gone global with offices in South Africa, Philipines as well as London. Over 200,000 people have been educated through workshops and seminars so far.

This fete has earned Greg’s company numerous awards. Learn to Trade received an award for Best Educator from World Finance Magazine for two consecutive years. The company was feted for having the Best Education product by Wealth and Finance Magazine. The same magazine also awarded the company another award for being the Best in Forex trade training in the United Kingdom.

In all his endeavors Greg instills the culture of philanthropy to help make the world a better place. He founded the Greg Secker Foundation as a non-profit organization to help improve people’s quality of life. For his achievements and years of experience, Greg is called upon as a speaker on different platforms. He is sought after to talk on matters of wealth, psychology, health and entrepreneurship. Greg has spoken on major outlets such as Bloomberg and CNBC as a consultant. At seminars, he has spoken alongside industry heavyweights such as Robert Kiyosaki and Richard Branson on different occasions.


How Does Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho Make Brazil Better?

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the finest lawyers in all of Brazil, an he is growing his practice at the same time his home nation is growing its economy. He has been involved in the business world for many years, and he knows that it is important for someone to have proper legal representation for their companies. This article explains how the Brazilian law community is improving with help from Ricardo.

#1: Boardroom Advice

Boardroom advice is offered through the law firm of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho at any time, and he often sits in with many different companies that require his help. The companies who employ him want to know if they are in compliance with the wishes of the government, and they will avoid legal trouble because they are working with Mr Ricardo on their policies.

#2: Private Consultation

The private consultations that are offered by Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho will ensure that all clients understand the nature of their case. They may not realize how complex their case is, or they may need to have it reviewed before it is taken any farther. Ricardo is an expert in business law, and he will protect the rights of someone who comes into his office for services.

#3: Brazil Is Changing

Brazil is changing every day because of the World Cup and Olympics. These two events have brought more commerce to the country than anyone could have imagined. The businesses in the country are growing every day, and they are becoming quite powerful because they have so much more reach than they did before. These companies require Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho and his law office because they must grapple with new realities of business. Pictures.

The Brazilian economy is growing every year, and there are quite a few companies that need help with legal ramifications of what they are producing or selling. Ricardo is helping companies by sitting in their boardrooms, and he is showing them that there is a better way to manage their companies. Anyone needing legal advice may contact Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho for help with Brazilian law.