Organic Gourmet Coffee Organo Gold Infused With Ganoderma For It’s Health Benefits

Global demand for coffee products is growing as quickly as cultivation and production allows, population increases mean more coffee aficionados. Having a medical doctor, a scientist, and a research team within a coffee company, well, that says they mean business.

Founded in 2008 The Organo Gold company opened for business, headed by Bernardo Chua alongside co-founder Shane Morand. The platform for Organo Gold was unique in that it does not sell directly to coffee houses or retailers, it supplies the product only to distributors that earn a 50% commission on each sale. The structure of the product also differs from traditional coffee drinks, combining gourmet coffee bean with a particular mushroom used in holistic Asian medicine, called ganoderma. Harvested for it’s effectiveness at controlling cholesterol and antiviral properties. Commonly used in traditional Asian holistic treatments, Organo Gold’s biology research center certifies the product organic in each and every product. The herb is also infused in Hot Cocoa, Latte, and teas offered by Organo Gold. As early as 2010, The company sold at wholesale to distributors in The United States and Canada, in addition to five other countries worldwide. Read the reviews at

Revenues for the gourmet coffee product is astounding, generating multi-millions which attests to the popularity of both an organic product, but an organic coffee that is generally better for you than traditional coffee, with the added health benefits of ganoderma. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Since the company’s birth, the team at Organo Gold has worked tirelessly to bring the best of healthy supplements and products to the consumer via distribution channels. Now offering many more products than the company began with, the company is now simply “ORGANO”. Marketing products such as supplements, single serve brews, spore powder, and personal care products. One of the largest online shopping platforms, Amazon, now offers ORGANO products and the company now sells direct to consumer as well. With their marketing strategy, any independent marketer can become an Organo Gold distributor and help expand the brand to clubs, retailers, and gourmet coffee shops worldwide in over 45 available countries.


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