Nick Vertucci’s Successful Life Story

Nick Vertucci is the CEO and founder of the Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc in Irvine California in the U.S. He specializes in real estate investing where he is involved in purchasing bank owned properties. Nick has also founded a Real Estate Academy which offers educational programs on how to achieve their goals through real estate investing. Nick Vertucci himself came from a humble family where he was provided for by his loving parents. Unfortunately, Vertucci’s father died while he was at the age of ten and everything turned out bad.

His mother was now forced to work extra hard to provide for the family and thus would go out to work and come back home at very late hours. A few years later after Nick had reached his eighteenth birthday; he started his own business where he used to sell computer parts. Then, Nick decided to marry and had three daughters who he admits he loves so much. Although he had settled and had a good time, Nick had a problem when the dot-com crash came in the year 2000. The dot-com period is the period when there rose an extreme usage and adaptation of the internet, and many Internet companies emerged.

During this period, Vertucci watched as all of his finances got lost as he had not planned well for his future investment. Nick went on with little or at times no income for almost eighteen months. He was also forced to enter into many debts leading him into losing everything he had except for his home. He had a close friend who invited him to a real estate training seminar as his guest which lasted for three days. Nick termed the workshop as a life changer. He listened to the speaker’s words word by word, but he explains that at that time he did not understand anything that was being said.

However, although he never understood a thing, the speech clicked a part of his mind, and he felt renewed and inspired by the real estate investments idea. He continued attending the seminar and took into consideration everything that was being said. Nick Vertucci took about ten years to gather all that he needed to become successful in the real estate field. He finally figured out a developed system to allow him to make money in the real estate business. After he became successful, Nick Vertucci later focused on helping other investors in transforming their lives the Nick Real Estate Academy.

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