Mike Baur Raises An Eyebrow With Resignation

When Mike Baur left his high-ranking and impressive position at Clariden Leu to co-found the Swiss Startup Factory in Zurich, it goes without saying many eyebrows were raised. Three years later, Baur is a recognized, sought-after executive consultant that guides and mentors up and coming entrepreneurs.


Mike Baur is known for his entrepreneurial success, in fact, he’s made it his specialty. At just 16 years old, the Switzerland-born virtuoso launched a banking career, starting his apprenticeship at the Union Bank of Switzerland. Among his many accomplishments include being an advisory at UBS, and climbing the ranks for six years through prestigious positions at Clariden Leu. In 2014, Baur tendered his resignation, despite a generous compensation, and co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory with friend Max Meister.


The Swiss Startup Factory, based in Zurich, offers an in-house coaching and mentoring program, giving novice technology entrepreneurs access to industry experts to help accelerate their progress. The program puts individuals on the fast-track to help establish and grow a business. If you have a brilliant idea for a tech startup, but not quite sure how to navigate the various phases of building a business, Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory offers in-depth coaching to bring ideas to fruition. Besides networking, and evaluations of your progress, Mike Baur also helps these startups gain financing. The environment also allows young startups to network with other entrepreneurs in similar situations. More importantly, startups have access to a wealth of advice that includes avoiding mistakes young companies tend to make. It becomes cheaper growing a business with a mentor because it prepares you with the necessary competence in areas like funding, accounting, and legal.


Baur has this unique ability of providing novice entrepreneurs with the specific skill set to take them to the next level, quickly. And this has boosted his popularity, making him one of the most in-demand business coaches around. Aside from his commitment to help accelerate the chances for startups, Mike Baur is also a philanthropist. He gives back to his community by helping shape young minds. He coaches child-aged entrepreneurs on the basic skills of business pursuits, and works to enlighten young minds.


Baur earned his MBA at New York’s University of Rochester and University of Berne. He’s led several businesses through all phases, including the funding stage, like Velohub and Struck’d, and continues to be an outstanding mentor.


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