Migos and Drake: Coming to a City Near You

Hip hop fans will never turn down a golden opportunity to see their favorite artists take the stage. Fortunately, fans will get a chance to see two of the hottest hip hop acts in the game today. Drake is scheduled to go on tour with Migos. This dazzling showcase begins July 26 in Salt Lake City.

It may sound strange, but Drake had a rocky relationship with Migos in the past. Their relationship started back in 2013 when Drake made a cameo appearance on Versace. His contribution to the project helped the Migos get off to a great start with their career. Rarely do you see an international hip hop icon take a chance on an upstart rap group. In this instance, it seems like Drake’s hospitality has helped Migos hit pay dirt.

Versace became a huge hit and it helped Migos become the new players on the scene. Things took a turn for the worst one of the members accused Drake of stealing their unique style of flowing on the microphone. Things settled down when both parties realized that it was a big misunderstanding. This is great news since hip hop does not need more negative publicity.

Drake and Migos have a big reputation for heating things up when they touch the microphone. This is the main reason why many hip hop critics and insiders are looking forward to the upcoming tour. Some feel that this tour is long overdue. Hip hop needs more talented artists to work together.

Tickets go on sale on May 15. The grand finale for the tour will take place in Atlanta on November 17. It’s vital for die-hard hip hop fans to get their tickets early. With two head-banging acts performing on one stage, it’s logical to assume that tickets are bound to go fast.

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