Master P Discusses Solange’s Album Success

Solange managed to debut in the number one spot on Billboard’s Top 200 albums chart when she released her incredibly soulful, extremely well thought out A Seat at the Table album. She shocked the entire world as everyone put in their earbuds to listen for the first time.


Master P, a renowned rap artist, was heavily featured throughout the entire project. The album had a very clear theme of being black in today’s society, which gave Master P, the No Limit boss, a chance to address just how powerful the album was for the entire black community and music in general.


According to Billboard, Master P said:


“Solange is someone I think the game is missing. People been talking about Beyonce even though Beyonce is a big star but Solange been working hard too. She’s been putting together her team of people and I feel like we all a part of that support team.”


For those who may not know it, Solange and Beyonce are sisters. In fact, they are the third set of siblings to have achieved a top spot on the Billboard’s album charts. The sisters received some hate for their elevator incident where Solange attacked Jay-Z, Beyonce’s husband. However, the incident did not seem to matter to fans who flocked to the new album in droves.


Master P believes everyone should embrace Solange as a singer and as a role model due to her talent, artistry, and hard work.


“I think all women should chase their dreams and goals too,” he continued. “She’s gonna be motivation for women that have been through a lot and want more out of life without being in the shadows of someone else. I think it’s good for the culture and I’m glad I was a part of it.”


Solange’s A Seat at the Table is currently receiving outstanding reviews from various media outlets.


As for Master P, he is currently working on his own music at this time. His artist, MoeRoy, recently dropped Trap Michael Jackson. Master P himself is going to release an LP, Louisiana Hot Sauce, early next year.

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