Marc Beer, the Innovative Force behind Renovia

Marc Beer is the Co-founder, chairperson, and Chief Executive Officer of Renovia Inc. Marc Beer co-founded Renovia with the sole aim of providing improved diagnosis, treatment, and better lives for the millions of women suffering from pelvic disorders. The company renders its services through a combination of digital health and cutting-edge sensor technologies. The platforms guarantee an accurate, on point and, cost-effective treatment and care of pelvic floor disorders. Renovia also compiles the necessary data for patients to unearth the underlying problem behind every unique case, in a bid to restore and strengthen the pelvic floor. Learn more:

Marc Beer is an extensively experienced and knowledgeable business person. He has more than 25 years of business management and leadership, development, and commercialization of innovative products and services in the pharmaceutical industry. Mark is also known for his significant contribution to medical devices development and, diagnostic sectors. In the year 2000, Mark worked at ViaCell as the Chief Executive Officer. ViaCell is a well-known biotechnology company that deals with blood stem cells research. Under the tenure of Mark, the firm registered a record growth, both in revenue and operations.

Mark Beer is also the pioneer chairman of the Board of Directors, Good Start Genetics Compensation Committee. He also founded the Compensation Committee and, acted as its first chairperson. He is a committed member of the Audit Committee of Minerva Neurosciences Inc. Mark is also a member of Miami University Business Advisory Council and, the Notre Dame Graduate Studies Research.

Recently, Marc Beer has secured a $32 million funding Series B round and, an additional amount of $10 million in venture debt for Renovia. Longwood Fund, a healthcare services group and a long time supporter of Renovia, gave a sizeable contribution to the funding. The most significant contributor in Round B was the Ascension Ventures of Missouri and, The Perceptive Advisers of New York. The injection of the funds is intended to support the development and testing of four breakthrough products developed by Renovia, notably, a new generation of its trademark product, Leva.

Marc Beer hailed the funding as an opportunity to make the diagnosis, treatment and, care for women suffering from pelvic disorders better. It is a great opportunity to share the thrill and vision of the company. He said that the funding would eventually lead to a long-term, cost-effectively mode of treatment. The Chief Executive Officer affirmed the company’s commitment to the restoration of pelvic health through the strengthening of pelvic floor muscles through innovation and research. To achieve the goal, the company is employing medical devices that are cleared by the Food and Drug Administration.

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