Lime Crime is Making Things Way Different

Lime Crime cosmetics is a unique makeup line that is vegan and cruelty free. Lime crime is all about being unique. In creating this makeup brand, the founders goal was ultimately for others to be able to express their individuality by using makeup. And for people who want something unique and bold, this brand is the perfect brand for that! The products are unique and even the names of the product has grabbed the attention of many.


The founder of this unique brand is a girl named Doe Deere. Doe has always used makeup as a way to express herself and that is one reason why she created this unique makeup brand. By visiting the website, you will quickly realize why this brand is so unique. Doe wanted to do something different and bold, and that is just what she accomplished. Her bright colored cosmetics and her different lipsticks took the internet by surprise and instantly blew up.


People over the internet started to grow very fond of this new cosmetics brand. Their matte lipstick was a huge success and suddenly they came out with more. Now they have a variety of different cosmetics to fit any unique style. They have several different lipsticks, they have highlighters, eye shadow, and they even have hair coloring colors! Their colors and cosmetics are unique and bold. They finally came out with a new hair coloring brand with thirteen unique colors to fit unique people. And like to makeup, the hair products are made of vegetable dye and are vegan and cruelty free. The colors vary from salad green to gargoyle gray.


This cosmetics brand was one of the first to be an ‘all online’ cosmetics store, and with the success other brands copied the idea. They were skittish about being an ‘online only’ store, but this brand was a massive success!




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