Liam Payne: From One Direction to New Direction

Humans are creatures of habit, except when it comes to repeat music. Often times, songs become overplayed, outdated, and simply irrelevant in a world subject to constant change. While the song, “Strip That Down,” by Liam Payne is a great tune for jamming out in the car, it did debut nearly a year ago, which means that it is certainly becoming less than desirable to Payne’s fans. Because of Liam’s seemingly stagnant music career, fans spoke and, well, the artist is ready to deliver by announcing the release of his debut album.

Despite his new album’s debut, it is important to note that Payne is not new to the music industry as he had a successful, long career as a singer in the boy band, One Direction. Of course, becoming a solo artist has its trials, but Payne’s youth, knowledge, and eagerness to claim his own identity will surely make his debut album one that will soon lead to tours and future projects.

Set to release September fourteenth, fans of Payne’s talent are attempting to keep busy this summer by listening to other fresh artists, some of which are expected to appear on Payne’s new album. Zedd, Quavo, Rita Ora, and Balvin are a few of the names Payne dropped when announcing his album debut. Payne noted the names and followed with a gracious compliment: “I’ve got a good mix of beautiful people on my album, which is amazing.” Surely with so much talk of a new direction, old fans posed the question of what is to come for his once thriving band, One Direction.

Though the singer did not say much pertaining to his teenage band, he did note that One Direction is not ending nor is their career over, which likely allowed fans to breathe a sigh of relief.

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