Kelela Sets The Standard For Digital Age R&B With ‘Take Me Apart’

Kelela seeks to bring back the good old days of R&B that took the 90s by storm with her latest album, Take Me Apart. The singer’s vocals coupled with the melodic tunes in the background makes listeners want to both dance and reflect.

The album’s title track is a unique piece of artistry. Kelela lets her raw singing abilities take center stage before surprising her listeners with an upbeat chorus that has a beat that captivates the moment. Fans will be torn between turning the tune down because of the beat’s aggressiveness and asking for more because of Kelela’s incredibly soothing vocal abilities.

Take Me Apart seems to search for something deeper than the ordinary 14-track music projects that many artists are putting out these days. “I was just trying to make something fit for me,” Kelela tells Billboard. “I wasn’t trying to be like, Look I’m so new! I just wanted to be something that resonates with people and challenges them at the same time. It feels so good when that lands; when that complexity inside [the listener] feels like it’s been satisfied.”

Satisfaction is one way of describing the feeling that listeners get. Kelela takes her fans back in time to the 90s decade when singers like Justin Timberlake and Aaliyah were revolutionizing the industry with songs for their generation. It seems that Kelela serves as the one to redefine what it means to have rhythm and blues in the digital age with both technology and her raw talent sharing the spotlight.

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