Kanye West Announces 2 New Albums In 2018

Many fans of music, art, and fashion consider Kanye West to be somewhat of a maniacal genius. Despite some outlandish media stunts, when it comes to his craft, Mr. West rarely disappoints. Those that know and appreciate him as an artist were excited when they heard that Kanye West was holed up somewhere in nowheresville Wyoming, because they knew this must mean an album was coming. Leading industry influencers have even made mentions of missing Ye’s antics.

Kanye West satisfied the ever-so observant public with an announcement of not one, but two albums being released in the summer of 2018, June 1st and 8th consecutively. Less cryptic than other recent new music announcements, (ahem, we’re looking at you Rihanna) Yeezy tweeted the announcement in the most clear, straightforward way possible, even stating “my album is 7 songs”.

Kid Cudi, another tortured artist, is said by West himself to be teaming up with him on the second album. “Me and Cudi album … it’s called Kids See Ghost. That’s the name of our group”. Are Kanye West and Kid Cudi about to be the next rockstar duo power couple? Only time will tell, however, we have no reason to doubt the collaboration between the two rap giants is real. Earlier this year, Kanye West was seen on social media looking quite stoic and awkward in a video with Dame Dash, who is known as the former mogul of notable dynasty Roc-A-Fella Records. If Damon Dash is backing Kanye West on his new projects and Kid Cudi is with him in the studio in a joined comeback effort, this could be shaping up to be quite the interesting summer for music.

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