Jhene Aiko Releases Two Stellar Music Videos for ‘Never Call Me’

Jhene Aiko just dropped not one, but two music videos for her new track “Never Call Me”. The song is a collaboration with Kurupt, and it’s a scathing goodbye to a toxic relationship. It’s the latest song to be released from her sophomore album, “Trip”, her first solo album since 2014.

In the first video, Aiko is shown enjoying a regular day in her hometown of Los Angeles. The “Slauson Hills edition” features some of the singer’s friends, including Hit-Boy, Dom Kennedy, and Nipsey Hussle. Aiko appears happy and carefree, not seeming to be troubled by her ex as she assures him she was too good for him anyway.

The second video is a bit harsher. Aiko appears as Izanami no mikoto, the Japanese Shinto goddess of creation and death. Since Aiko is a quarter Japanese, the goddess is a fitting character in the video. During the over 3-minute long video, Aiko as Izanami no mikoto is seen attending a funeral for her ex’s ego. A woman throws ashes into the sea as Aiko looks on, seemingly dismissing her ex from her life for good.

Aiko told “Refinery 29” that she chose to do two videos for this song because she loves it so much. She said the second video for “Never Call Me” is based on a man she knew personally, who lied and cheated and lost his way due to his deception. Aiko said she portrays the goddess of creation and death so that she can come to “collect his poor spirit and set it free”.

In addition to releasing “Trip”, Aiko also released a short film by the same name that was directed by Tracy Oliver, and a book of poetry entitled “2Fish”. The trilogy of projects comes after years of collaborations with other artists.

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