J. Cole’s New Documentary About Life In The South

Rapper J. Cole has made a documentary called “J. Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only.” I wonder why Cole decided to include a misspelling in the title of his documentary. Although this might be seen as a kind of homage to urban films like “Boyz In Da Hood,” using this type of spelling certainly seems a bit stale and contrived in 2017. That said, this documentary is receiving rave reviews from those in the know. According to people with intimate knowledge of this film, J. Cole’s documentary explores serious issues such as race relations, economic inequality and social justice. In this film, J. Cole explores what it means to grow up as an African-American in the American South. In particular, J. Cole’s documentary explores the reality of economic suffering and institutionalized injustice in African-American life. Cole argues that ingrained racial attitudes deeply affect how African-Americans interact with police and the justice system.

In his documentary film, which was directed by Scott Lazer, J. Cole explores African-American life in post-Katrina Baton Rouge and Ferguson, Missouri. Overall, the film seems like an interesting presentation. However, I hope Cole doesn’t make the common mistake of being too pessimistic about the future of race relations in this nation. As a nation, we need to solve a lot of problems before all members of society can feel equally appreciated and valued. Nevertheless, I strongly feel that there is a lot of hope for the United States. I hope that J. Cole and all commentators balance the grim realities of now with the boundless promise of tomorrow.

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