How Dr. Mark McKenna Plans To Launch A National Aesthetics Company

Earning his medical degree at the Tulane University Medical School, after graduating Dr. Mark McKenna began practicing as a doctor in his father’s medical practice. He also started investing in real estate through his company McKenna Venture Investments. Eventually, his business owned a number of properties around New Orleans and he was successful enough to acquire two other companies in the industry.

Everything was going great for Dr. Mark McKenna until August 29th, 2005. On that date, Hurricane Katrina roared through New Orleans and put much of it underwater. Most of his properties were destroyed. Trying to recover and help low to moderate income people he started to buy properties, fix them up, and then sell them. This was successful but due to a number of reasons, such as it is where his girlfriend moved, he left New Orleans and moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

ShapeMed is a business that Dr. Mark McKenna founded in Atlanta. It was a wellness company and one that offered aesthetic procedure such as laser procedures. Wanting to incorporate his practices into their gyms, Life Time Fitness Inc. made him a great offer to buy ShapeMed. He was also given an executive level position at this company. It was after that company was bought out as well three years later that he decided to once again go into business for himself and more

It was in the middle of 2017 that Dr. Mark McKenna started a new company called OVME and became its chief executive officer. This company was created to implement an idea that he had. The aesthetic medical industry has always been fractionalized with no one brand that is available across the country. Instead, each business only offers its services to those that live in the same city or surrounding area. He has set out to change this.

OVME is an app he is launching in April 2018 that will allow people to use it in order to bring a doctor specializing in aesthetics to their door. He plans on launching this eventually across the nation. At the current time he is building up his network of doctors by attending conventions and signing them up for this revolutionary concept.

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