Gareth Henry and Fortress Investment Group

Gareth Henry will be joining Angelo, Gordon as its managing director, the company, just announced recently. Gareth Henry will also be serving the organization as the global head in charge of investor relations. Gareth has been working with fortress Invest Group, but he will be now joining Angelo, Gordon Co. At Fortress Investment group, Gareth Henry was working as the head of the company’s global investor relations. Gareth will be working immediately under the company’s president Lawrence Schloss.

In addition to this, Gareth will be a partner in the company. According to Schloss, Gareth Henry is one person who is well seasoned when it comes to investor relations. He is well-known for his efforts to deliver strong outcomes across market cycles and including strategies. The company president said that they were pleased to have Gareth in the company. With Gareth and other investor relations experts that the company has, will enable the company to achieve its long-term goals.

At Fortress Investment group, Gareth was in charge of its liquid markets. He made the organization to expand its client base by targeting clients from the Middle East, Canada, Asia, and Europe. In addition to this, he was responsible for all sakes as well as marketing, and client services. While working for the fortress in its London office, Gareth developed and executed a sales strategy for organizational and consulting relationships in Fortress’s credit, hedge fund, fixed income, and private equity businesses. Before he started working for Fortress Investment Group, he had served at Schroders in London. At Schroders, Henry was working as the director of strategic solutions. In addition to this, he served as the investment manager both for London and Philadelphia offices of SEI Investments.

When talking about Angelo & Gordon, Henry claimed that he was happy for the management of the company to consider him for the post and he was looking forward to joining the organization and push forward toward improving its productivity. Gareth went ahead to say that Angelo & Gordon is an organization that has an excellent reputation when it comes to offering quality services to its customers. Angelo & Gordon is an alternative Investment Company based in New York.

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