Forbes Announces Hip Hop is Nation’s Favorite Genre

In a recently published article in Forbes Business Magazine, Gary Suarez discussed the reigning influence of the Hip Hop Genre on both American and global business endeavors. According to the reporter, Hip Hop has become the most recognized, purchased, and downloaded music in the nation based on consumer sales. In 2017, the genre actually surpassed the Rock genre in terms of sales and influence. Many business owners are now coming to realize the importance of brand affiliation within the genre and are making large deals with rappers and music developers who are leading genre sales to align big business with the growing hip hop trends.

Gary Suarez discussed the fact that trends aligning big business with hip hop culture could be seen on a large scale as early as 2013, four years before the genre would beat out the Rock genre in sales and cultural influence. Rappers who had attained large music deals and were nationally recognized as industry leaders, like Aubrey “Drake” Graham and Sean “Jay Z” Carter, were featured in some of the nation’s largest commercial advertisements. Drake’s years long deal with the Coco-cola industry and Jay Z’s long term affiliation with the Budweiser brand became indicators of the success other rappers would have with big business in future years.

The current alignment of DJ Khaled, a popular hip hop producer and music developer, with the Turbo Tax brand is representative of the massive and influential industry that the hip hop genre has produced. Far from the years where the leaders of large clothing outlets made public statements describing their distaste at the idea of hip hop moguls adorning their fashion pieces, leaders of all industries are now in competition to find the most popular and culturally relevant hip hop artist to advertise new products for their companies.

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