Eminem’s New Album Officially Announced

The long wait is over for Eminem fans across the world. The rapper’s highly anticipated ninth album, revealed today as Revival, is set to release on December 15, 2017. As with many of his other projects, Eminem elected to keep the name and release date of this album under wraps for as long as possible.

The mystery was officially unraveled today on Twitter when Dr. Dre broke the news just after lunch. Dre posted what looked like a standard medicine commercial for a product known as Revival — but the commercial does a 180 about half-way in. The unnamed actor reveals that “Revival” is not really a medicine, but is the name of Eminem’s much-discussed new album. This was the final piece of an overall silly marketing campaign led by Dr. Dre and Aftermath Records.

Since early July, Eminem fans have tried connecting strange messages regarding the album on social media. Despite the fun marketing ploy, Eminem has remained active in front of the media for other reasons, too. Earlier this month, Eminem and Skylar Grey opened the EMA awards with the new single “Walk on Water.” Not long before that, the rapper went viral with a brutal freestyle that pointed the finger at all of his fans that support Trump.

All politics aside, Eminem’s first album in almost five years is coming out next month. This is a big deal for hip-hop and the music industry at large. One of the bestselling artists of all time is vying for his billboard revival.

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