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Yo Tinder, I’mma Let You Finish, but Yeezy Dating Is the Greatest Dating App of All Time

Unattached Kanye West fans can rejoice: Harry Dry, a web developer from London will be dropping Yeezy Dating, a dating app exclusively for fans of “the genius Mr. Kanye West” soon.


How It All Works


The app is simple. Users choose their favorite Kanye West album and “you can filter by that,” Dry said. Gone are the days of endless hours of swiping and reading profiles detailing how much women love tacos and their dogs when all you really want to know is, “Does she like Late Registration as much as I do?” Users are matched based on their location like other dating apps. Dry said he’s sorting through issues such as how to keep the app secure and how it’s shaped, but he’s confident he’ll “have something good ready to go.”


Unlike other dating apps, there is one more condition in addition to loving Ye. Users are not allowed to be Taylor Swift fans. The website explicitly bans Swiftees from signing up.


808s and Wedding Dates


Dry said West inspired him to create the app. He said he cared “about celebrating the dreamers,” and “bringing those people together.”


The concept of dating someone solely based on an mutual affinity for a Mr. West album may seem superficial, but Dry said he’s never dated a Kanye fan, and “they always say you should solve your own problems.”


There is no official release date for Yeezy Dating, but you can sign up for early access. Who knows? You may find your own Kim K one day.