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The Journey And Growth Of Businesswoman Susan McGalla

Businesswoman and executive consultant on Bloomberg Susan McGalla is a person that has worked hard for everything she has received. Born in East Liverpool, Ohio, she grew up in a home with her father, a local football coach, and two brothers. So she learned how to be strong. But she was also very intelligent and had an interest in business. After high school she attended Mount Union College where she majored in business and marketing. That helped her to develop a skill set that included visual merchandising, sales and marketing strategy, an understanding of fashion and apparel, trend analysis and team building.

After graduation McGalla was hired by the Joseph Horne Company. From 1986 until she left the company in 1994 she held a range of positions in marketing and management. Her preparation in college served her well and she excelled. In 1994 she was offered a position as a women’s clothing divisional merchandise buyer with American Eagle. After excelling at a variety of managerial positions, the company promoted her to president and chief merchandising officer of the American Eagle brand. She had so much success and displayed such natural leadership skills and an understanding of the industry, McGalla was soon promoted to CMO and president of the parent company.

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During her time as American Eagle Inc. president McGalla helped the company to grow and diversify into new markets. While she was at the helm McGalla worked to help the company to launch two new brands, 77kids and aerie. In January 2009 decided it was time to seek out new challenges and opportunities. She left American Eagle and began working in the financial investment and retail industries as a private consultant. In October of that year McGalla became a member of the commercial real estate services company, HFF Inc., board of directors. She is also on the board of the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation.

In January of 2011 Susan McGalla became CEO of Wet Seal Incorporated. After a year and a half at Wet Seal Inc., McGalla was once again on the move. She created P3 Executive Consulting on This allowed her to use her diverse skills to help several companies to thrive. Since then McGalla has been Allegheny Conference on Community Development director, a University of Pittsburg trustee, member of the board of advisors at Mount Union College and is currently the Pittsburgh Steelers director of Strategic Planning and Growth.

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How Doe Deere Inspires People with Her Line of Cosmetics

Russian born beauty Doe Deere is a self-made entrepreneur with a passion for color. At a very early age Ms. Deere experimented with color in the fashions she chose to wear. Not satisfied with traditional looks she used to layer different types of patterns and colors to create her own imaginative style. When she was old enough to wear makeup, Doe Deere incorporated her love of color into the fun and often playful looks she created for herself and her friends. Her brightly colored hair soon became part of her trademark look.

Ms. Deere decided to post some of her unique makeup styles online to see what would happen. Surprisingly she gained quite a following of people who were captivated by her unique sense of style. It was around this time that Doe Deere decided to turn her love of passion into a marketable business. Once she decided to create her own line of cosmetics, she needed to create a name for her new Internet based company. Teaming her favorite color with a rhyming word, she came upon the phrase Lime Crime, which she discovered was available for use as a domain. This was the beginning of what would soon become a highly successful online cosmetic business.

An Inspirational Business

When Doe Deere began Lime Crime she decided to label her cosmetics with a unicorn. She often tells people she chose this symbol because to her it represented a spirit of adventure. She believes the people who use her cosmetics have that same type of adventurous spirit, which is why even today she still refers to her fans as unicorns. The adventurous spirit of her fans can be seen in the many photos uploaded to the Lime Crime website. Doe Deere also believes in letting her fans express their own unique styles by allowing them to post their adventurous looks right on her company’s website.

As a self-made entrepreneur, Ms. Deere has often been credited with inspiring others to achieve their dreams. Her line of Lime Crime cosmetics was created to help people find their own inspiring looks through color. People can draw inspiration from the line’s creative color palette using shades of turquoise, canary yellow, lime green or metallic pink. The array of colors for lips and eyes is so vast, people will never run out of creative ideas to help inspire others to uncover their own adventurous spirits.