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UKV PLC: Assisting Wine Collectors And Consumers

Choosing the best tasting French wine can be intimidating for some. It is known to be a daunting task, and even the expert wine connoisseurs can sometimes be overwhelmed by the sheer differences and similarities in the characteristics of each wine, making it difficult for them to identify each bottle and where they came from. This results in minor flaws coming from the experts in choosing the best tasting French wine, though this rarely happens. The complexity of producing French wines have been the topic of study for the experts in the field of wine making for so many years. The manufacturing process, production process and labeling styles differs between each bottle of wine, and it is dependent on where in France the wine was made.

In order for someone to have a grasp of which French wine to take, they need to have basic knowledge about the subject. However, a company named UKV-PLC, is ready to assist customers who wanted to purchase high end French wine. UKV PLC is a company that sells high quality French wines, and they have been in the business for so many years. They advised that in order to learn the French wine making system, newbies must need to know the French appellation system first.

Wines which were manufactured in France vary per region, and the place where the wine originated can be located written on its label. Each bottle of wine has been created with a specific type of grape, with each grape coming from different vineyards across France. The soil in the region, the climate, the topography, the altitude of the place, and even the culture and tradition of the place can affect the taste of wine. For the classification system being used in France, the wine with the best quality is called the appellation d’origine controlee. UKV PLC assists those who wanted to buy high end French wine, and they provide a guide on the wine each person should get depending on where they want to use it. Be it a collection or to be consumed, UKV PLC knows what to do. According to them, the regions which produce the best wines are Burgundy, which is famous for red or white wine; Bordeaux, which is famous for medium-body red wines; Champagne, which is famous for the wine with the same name; and Loire, which is a region manufacturing every kind of wine.

UKV PLC is specializing in the acquisition and the sale of these wines which are investment grade all throughout the world. They have partners who own the best vineyards of Spain, France and Italy. What ever the purpose of the purchase is, UKV PLC is ready to help.

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Traveling Vineyard Wines

Wine lovers and entrepreneurs alike are celebrating The Traveling Vineyard’s business model.

Utilizing the wildly successful and popular practice of hiring independent sales consultants, The Traveling Vineyard allows wine aficionados to have their own business selling wine at home parties and similar events. By doing so, consultants are able to get all the benefits of working from home and customers benefit from tasting several different wines before making a purchase.

The Traveling Vineyard fully supports its Wine Guides. Although they give these consultants the flexibility to choose their own hours and work the way they choose, The Traveling Vineyard makes sure that they do so with full access to the materials, supplies and answers they need. Whenever a guide makes a sale, they simply enter it online and The Traveling Vineyard does the rest, from processing the order to shipping it directly to the customer so there is no need to deliver.

Customers love the business model as well as the entrepreneurs who become consultants. Home parties allow wine lovers to get together in a casual and relaxing setting while tasting various wines. When they find one they like, they can simply purchase it from their consultant and wait for it to arrive at their door. When the bottle is empty, customers simply contact their sales consultant and reorder all their favorites.

A quick visit to the company’s social media sites makes it clear that the brand’s quality wines are loved and praised by many wine drinkers across the nation. The company is also actively involved with site visitors and Wine Guides alike, offering excellent customer service and consultant support.

The Antique Wine Company: For All Wine Lovers

The Antique Wine Company is based in London and was founded by Stephen Williams, a man with a desire to sell something that people would come back for again and again. Since the start of the company in 1982, they have specialized in rare and exceptionally fine wines. They currently have over 10,000 bottles of the world’s finest wines in their cellars. They have been known for record breaking wine collections and events and have services ranging from cellar planning to rare wine sourcing.

They have also expanded their business in creating the Grand Chateau Series. Alongside cabinet maker Viscount David Linley, the Antique Wine Company has created handcrafted wine cabinets modeled after the architectural top nine chateaux in Bordeaux. In this wine cabinet are eighteen bottles from each estate. Along with the wines, there are also letters and memorabilia available from the Chateau archives, expanding the company into a deeper history and passion for wine.

The Antique Wine Company has also broken the world record for most valuable bottle of white wine. For £75,000, an 1811 bottle of Chateau d-Yquem was sold to Christian Vanneque, former sommelier who believes wine is for drinking, not simply collecting. Although he will have this bottle displayed in his restaurant, he eventually hopes to drink and enjoy it.

And so, although some of the customers the Antique Wine Company serves are true enthusiasts capable of spending thousands of dollars on wine, all wine lovers can benefit from ordering from such a company. The Antique Wine Company owns particle accelerators and ion beams that can determine the authenticity of wines. So instead of taking risks ordering outside the Antique Wine Company, there is a particular guarantee that goes along with ordering from such a reputable source. One does not have to be a rich collector to simply be a lover of fine wine.