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Nutrimost Suing Over Video

You have probably heard of Nutrimost even if you aren’t on a quest to lose weight. This is because the new weight loss plan is so ubiquitous that knowledge of it is seeping into the mainstream. It is certainly one of the most popular health and weight loss plans in the world right now. The companies success has led to other companies trying to capitalize on it, the company says. They have been assertive for the last year in their claims that Healthy Living stole a video from their website to help promote on their own website. They are now taking the matter to court.

The two videos are extremely similar. The only main difference is that the Healthy Living video has changed the main slogan of the video, Besides that, the two videos appear to be exactly alike including the doctor and patient testimonials.

Nutrimost is a weight loss and health company that is dedicated to helping its customers lose weight and treat their overall health. Most people are attracted to the company because of the great results that it gets for its customers without using any prescription medication. Some people have lost 1 pound a day for the first 40 days that they were on the program. One couple lost 140 lbs combined in the first 6 months using Nutrimost. They are more healthy overall as a result.

Nutrimost did send a cease and desist lawyer via its lawyer to Healthy Living last fall asking that they take down the video. The company did not comply completely to the request. They merely put up a version of the video that was edited just a little more. Nutrimost is now suing them for damages as a result of the stolen video. Neither side has commented publicly on the matter thus far.