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Matthew Autterson: A Top Investment Management Professional

Investment management, sometimes called portfolio management, is the use of financial professionals to provide guidance on investing in securities and assets to help entities reach their investment goals. Those entities can be private individuals pension funds, banks and other organizations. Investment management helps to mitigate or control risks while optimizing returns. It takes into consideration the goals of the client, potential asset allocation, the security of the selections, performance evaluation, execution and other factors. It is important to select an investment manager with experience and a strong track record of success.

Matthew Autterson is a well-respected Denver, Colorado based investment management professional. Autterson is a 1980 graduate of Michigan State University where he earned a B.A. in Finance. He then completed the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. Matthew Autterson was then hired by First Trust Corporation. He remained there until 1982 when he became a member of a small team that created a new charted trust company for Colorado state. The group was a subsidiary of Integrated Resources, a New York-based financial services company. In 1989, Broad Inc. acquired Integrated Resources and its assets. That company soon became known as SunAmerica Inc. It became part of AIG in 1998.

Born in Birminhan, Michigan, Matthew Autterson has established himself as a top investment management professional over his almost 40 years in the industry. He’s known for using very effective strategies that provide his clients with increased returns on their investments and consistently reaching their investment goals. His tried-and-true methods almost guarantee his clients will attain their investment objectives. A husband and father of four, Matthew Autteron now lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

In addition to his work with First Trust Corporation, Matthew Autterson has also worked with Steamboat Springs and is currently a Wealth Advisor with WIN Wealth Management.