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Alex Hern Says VR Has Potential Yet Unimagined

Virtual reality is a computer-generated environment where people can transport to a world where sight, smell, sound, and touch feel real. For all practical purposes, their body and mind reacts to the experience as if they were really in a real world. The key to effective VR technology is to make the user actually feels they are actually living the experience. Learn more about Alex at

Alex Hern and his team at Tsunami XR think there is a lot of untapped potential for virtual reality applications. VR is certainly gaining a lot of traction with traditional use and progressive high-end use. Gone are the days when VR limited itself to science fiction. It has also evolved through theme park applications. Now, businesses are stepping up and tapping its potential. These industries include medical, energy, defense, and aerospace to name several.

Consider that professionals rarely remember everything presented in training sessions. The manufacturing industry looks to change this. The use of machinery, software, and tools is critical. VR can help trainees retain far more information, help them understand what is communicated, and help ensure that individuals can operate their equipment far more efficiently.


Tsunami is helping make these scenarios possible with extended reality. This is helping to create an immersive learning experience for individuals. Immersive technology can enable individuals to feel like a machine is directly in front of them. It also allows a person to act and do everything as if they were sitting or standing in front of a real piece of equipment.

VR is still in somewhat of an acceptance stage. This is because it represents a major shift in how the world interacts with others and information. It is a technology that goes beyond what most people have experienced. It engages sight, sound, and touch at complex levels that desktop, mobile technologies, or mobile devices cannot provide. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.