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George Soros strategy for reforms in Ukraine

George Soros is a billionaire investor known for his advice in foreign policy. In recent times he has posted several articles to The New York Book Reviews. Soros main topic has been the Ukraine. He first stated sanctions made against Russia for invasion breeds nothing but evil. He argues that Russia already suffers with a declining oil price. Any such sanctions made to the country is going to bite it even more.

Apart from just providing sanctions, Soros states that Western countries should at least try in providing help to Ukraine. Financial assistance on to the country is going to stabilize its country. The country already had a weak economy. This was before Russia mingled with the eastern part of the country that resulted in a war breakout.

George Soros added that helping the Ukraine defend itself from such aggression as experienced by Russia could help European countries too. It would increase its own security. Countries such as Latvia, Estonia have a sizeable amount of Russian citizens. This may lead to Russia sponsoring activists and may cause a whole new breakout of wars.

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It is for the same reason that former U.S. treasury, Nicholas Brady previously unveiled a plan. George Soros notes that the plan was successful as it centered on banks to extend a debt relief towards Latin American nations that were pursuing their reform agendas. During formulation of the plans, Mr. Brady was aware that investors always fixed eyes to future of nations when making considerations to lending a nation that defaults its debts. George goes on to state that the Ukrainian government has worked on a plan to push forth its structural reforms as shown in the Brady plan in 1989.

The reforms should have a focus on doing away with corruption, make the country independent from Russian gas, reform its banking sector and enhance its agricultural economy. The reforms should also aim at restructuring the current judicial system and incorporate Ukraine to the European Union. George Soros has also urged that the EU should be aware of Russia’s progressive success regardless of the multiple penalties that it had been placed. He reminded the EU to be extremely careful since Russia could wage war at any time.

George has always been at the forefront in pushing for reforms at different parts of the world. He has written his opinions through several publications in his books. He highlights reasons for the crises experienced in Europe. He believes that the main reason for the endless crises experienced in Europe is due to the EU’s disunity. He has clarified on different instances several crises that need attentional in Europe.

George has urged Europe to put a high priority to crises when dealing with them. He goes on to say that Ukraine is a crisis that should be given top priority. He notes how the EU has been divided in the previous years. The main division has been on the creditor and debtor countries. He has further urged for sufficient military and financial support for Ukraine.