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Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

For over 30 years the Sussex Health Care has given award-winning personal care to 30,000 people and has been accredited since 2002.
They can be found in the village of Broadbridge Heath, off the A281 and A29 just outside Horsham in West Sussex.

What kind of services and special programs does Sussex Healthcare offer?
The services are to improve the quality of life for older people as well as offering dementia care, neurological care, and PMLD.
The services offered:

• Provisions for up to ten people
• Ground floor accommodation
• Facilities
• Kitchen and dining area
• IT/Games room
• Experienced staff team
• Call system
• Local GPs will visit the home regularly and be on call at all times
• Holistic therapies – physiotherapy, occupational therapy, reflexology, aromatherapy, and hydrotherapy
• Special baths and aids
• A variety of activities
• Opportunities for work experience and further education
• Special gym

Older People

Sussex Health Care has a team of highly trained nurses and qualified staff 24 hours a day to provide a stable, safe, and comfortable home for elderly because they understand how important it is for individuals to receive physical, intellectual, emotional, and social daily actives each day.

Sussex Health Care has extensive experience with making people with dementia feel like home by staff members who take the time to get the know the residents and assist them with remembering past days by using familiar objects and memory boxes.

Neurological Care

There are also options for those with neurological and have received brain trauma, who need support at home. They have helped many overcome a variety of conditions including Huntington’s, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and so many others.

The facilities have in-house physiotherapists, speech therapists, assists to give a helping hand, and other alternative therapies like reflexology and aromatherapy. The homes also include a spa/hydrotherapy pools.

Learning Disabilities

People with learning disabilities are welcome to receive residential support even within an ordinary home and will be encouraged to build essential skills such as shopping for themselves, mowing the lawn, and work experience.

If a person is unable to verbally communicate then the friendly staff at Sussex Health Care are able to use other methods of communication with the help of technology, switches, computer systems, touch screens, and so many others to try.

Overall Services

Many people with a variety of health and social requirements come to take residential care and participate in daily active programs such as handicraft, quizzes, reminiscence sessions, music, movement, cooking, and art.

Additionally, each resident has access to a wide range of experts to meet all the needs and desires of the individuals with therapy, physical therapy, occupation therapy and reflexology.

Mealtime is also essential in their home and tasty wholesome dishes are elegantly prepared by trained chefs who only use fresh high-quality ingredients.

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