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Tinashe Falls to Reach Mainstream Audience with New Album

Tinashe is coming forth with a new album, and it appears to be another failed attempt to reach a mainstream audience. She has continued to be well known as an excellent dancer that puts together creative choreography routines, but her music tends to fall on deaf ears. There is a reason for this, and the reason is that she is trying to touch an audience that does not really exist anymore.

The music that Tinashe has created would be something that would have been popular when Aaliyah was alive. This type of dance move choreography was something that was big in the 90s, but it has taken a backseat to trap rap and the trap R&B type of style that has dominated the radio.

Tinashe has found herself to be somewhat confused about what really works, and it appears that she has done a little bit of everything because she has been unclear on what really works best.

In the early stages of her first hit record “2 On” Tinashe had a bit of a dance groove and it instantly became something of a mega hit. Three albums later tonight she would prove herself to be more of a one-hit wonder when it came to this song. There are tons of people that are now wondering where she is even though she has been releasing material on a regular basis.

She has the singing voice, but she has not connected with the right producers to give her the type of sound that she needs. This is why her new album has not been able to top the charts as well as it could. She has not surrounded herself with the hitmakers that are currently topping the charts on the radio. This poor choice of producers has caused her to be overlooked.

Tinashe Plays Detective in a Meaningful New Video

Music is not easy to make and even if it is, it is not guaranteed that an artist will make it in the industry. Too often, an artist produces an absolute fire album, but those who are unsure about the artist will not buy it. Additionally, the work that goes into producing an album is astronomical and is subject to following a fairly bumpy road. As a result, the artists who patiently wait for their albums to drop and be purchased are hard on themselves, a reality that prompts them to interrogate themselves.


Tinashe has quickly been named the new Princess of r&b. Her sexy song, “Company,” quickly made waves within the industry and is still incredibly popular today. However, she is working on a new album, Joyride, and this work has yet to drop or gain any serious recognition. Because of this, the twenty-three-year-old used her new video as an opportunity to have three versions of herself interrogate her on her career so far.


“Why hasn’t Joyride dropped yet?” This was one of the questions that the artist asked herself followed by an abrupt mention of her own flaws. Humorous answers such as “Politics” were offered by the line of questioning, too. Further discussing the creative process necessary to produce an album, the multiple Tinashes really touched upon how the majority of the world’s artists feel each time they work on something new. Though meant to be fairly funny, this was the opportunity the Princess had been waiting for to explain herself, her art, the industry, and to further connect with current and prospective fans.