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Rare Jay-Z Freestyle From 2000 Just Released

Tim Westwood has just released a rare audio of Jay-Z freestyling back in 2000. For those not familiar with Westwood he is an English DJ who runs the YouTube channel “Tim Westwood TV”. With over 460,000 subscribers and almost 300 million views, he consistently releases interviews and freestyles from the best rappers in the game.

For Jay-Z fans, or any hip-hop enthusiast for that matter, this will be a gem. He released the audio as one of his “Westwood Throwback” videos for “Throwback Thursday”. Check out the video:

Although this freestyle was in 2000, HOV could rival any rapper in 2016. When tested, most rappers these days hesitate to freestyle on a live radio show because they’re scared of sounding “wack”. Even though 9 times out of 10 they are expected to rap (whether freestyle or written) because that’s what fans want to see. And if they muster up enough courage to actually rap it would be a struggle for them to put together something decent.

Jay-Z’s most recent album was Magna Carta Holy Grail in 2013. Although it received mixed reviews it demonstrated his evolution as both a rapper and business tycoon. He may not be coming out with an album any time soon, but with a timeless flow like Jay-Z’s, even a 16 year old freestyle can bring nostalgia from the “good ol’ days” of hip-hop.