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Old Three 6 Mafia Beats Poised to Become Hits in 2018

In the world of hip-hop music production, samples take on a life of their own; once a beat is effectively applied to a new song, rappers and their producers tend to pay close attention. Such is the case with “Who Run It”, a song by Three 6 Mafia, which features an original beat that has been around for nearly two decades.

Rapper G Herbo from Chicago is one of the most recent hip-hop artists who have professed their love for the vintage Three 6 Mafia beat. According to Noisey, the music publication imprint of the Vice publishing empire, G Herbo showed his love for the “Who Run It” beat during a freestyle rap session recorded at K-104, an urban radio station broadcasting in the Dallas market.

Although “Who Run It” was a catchy hit in 1998, G Herbo’s freestyle performance injected some pop sensibilities to make it even catchier than Three 6 Mafia may have intended. Freestyle sessions do not usually turn into irresistible songs, but G Herbo proved that the “Who Run It” beat has a certain flow that will certainly make it a hot sample this year.

For rapper G Herbo, introducing listeners to Three 6 Mafia beats has resulted in a pleasant exchange between his peers. Popular rappers such as Lil Yachty and A$AP Rocky have also laid freestyle lyrics to the “Who Run It” sample, which was originally produced by DJ Paul and Juicy J towards the end of the 20th century; naturally, these rappers also wanted to inject a catchy sensibility so that they could keep up with G Herbo, and now the beat is resonating among younger hip-hop fnas.