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Fix My Online Reputation!


The world of business has undergone a transformation. A revolution has taken place with American products losing once dominant positions in producer status to countries with lower standards of living. American businesses once produced quality cars, planes, boats, and wood, paper, steel and concrete products for building industries. Sadly, now we are a service oriented economy. Japan has replaced the U.S. as the lead manufacturer of cars and trucks to the world. While the wily Chinese use our waste product to salvage precious metals. They, the Chinese, may have replaced us as the driving economic force in the world.


It is a given that the world of business has changed. But the reputation of a business and its success is still directly tied to customer sentiment. If a company is regarded in high esteem by the masses and has become a brand like Coca-Cola, it continues to grow and dominate its place in the industry. But if a company falters like Coca-Cola when it changed its popular soft drink formula, then customers are apt to revolt. In the case of Coca-Cola the company rapidly went back to the original formula and a lesson was learned for all businesses.

For smaller businesses, one bad review can do more harm than a dozen good reviews. Bad reviews are remembered whether earned or not. Competitors could criticize a product unfairly and do a great deal of damage necessitating internet reputation repair. For a business to survive in the competitive economic climate today, that business must curtail or limit the amount of bad publicity at all costs and fix bad reviews. Now there is a solution for businesses in today’s competitive market; the answer is The Search Fixers. The Search Fixers reputation management services control or eliminate bad press for the subscribed business. They allow for unimpeded growth without the detours caused by bad reviews and angry customers complaining about the company’s products or processes.

The Search Fixers promise on their webpage to not let the bad press get in the way of the success of your business and fix bad search results. They, even, offer a special 30% discount on online reputation repair services for new subscribers looking to fix a bad online reputation.

The world of business has changed, and owners and managers who do not adhere to these new rules about repairing reputations and fix negative search results may find their businesses at a great disadvantage in competing with similar businesses.