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Kanye West: The Life of Pablo

Although Kanye West made the news for a number of incidents this year, his album The Life of Pablo surprisingly fell by the wayside amid all of the drama. With West’s propensity for attracting press for all the wrong reasons, it seems a shame that songs as good as “No More Parties in LA” didn’t hit the airwaves more. With Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper and The Weeknd popping up on songs, there is also no doubt that the collaborations are extraordinary. Throughout the entire album West is, as always, painfully honest about his demons. At one point, he even raps about going to therapy.


Musically, The Life of Pablo is definitely on point. Although it may seem disjointed at times, West never loses sight of his artistic vision. Since the title of the album refers to painter Pablo Picasso, this is a good thing! The track “Famous” is another example of an interesting song that became, ironically, famous for being famous due to a spat West was carrying on with pop star Taylor Swift.


After the album was released, West seemed confused about how to distribute it. Possibly, this may have contributed to its under-the-radar status. After there had been so much hype about the album, it’s hard to believe that the public didn’t want to hear it. Kanye attempts to slay some of his biggest dragons throughout these tracks, and his devotion to the music did not go unnoticed by critics at Rolling Stone and other publications.