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Talk Fusion University and New Capabilities

With Talk Fusion’s WebRTC (Real-Time Communication)’s browser-based video calling system, emails can now be made more dynamic than ever. Talk Fusion also supports many other video services including video newsletters, video forms, and group video chats. It also allows users to be a part of a multi-level marketing program where paying users can earn a commission through their video apps. With WebRTC, recipients of video emails and other related messaging don’t have to have Talk Fusion accounts or specific email accounts to play videos. They will only need their web browser without plugins or downloads.


People with a little knowledge of Javascript can also be able to customize the WebRTC calling app and portal. With a Talk Fusion video email you can embed a “call now” link. When the person receiving the video call is finished watching the video, they can clink the link to send a call to the sender. You can use apps like Talky and to help you achieve this. You can also create video chat room for your customers to have access to.


Talk Fusion associates can now receive training from the company’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer Bob Reina, who is a former police officer who has over 25 years of experience in the network marketing industry. Talk Fusion University has over 30 videos hosted by Reina, in which he explains how to introduce Talk Fusion’s products and business opportunities and also has his written material from his journalism and blog. Talk Fusion University is available in English and Bahasa, and will later be available in Chinese, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Japanese and Russian. The site is not yet open to the public as a Talk Fusion Associate ID is required to login.


Talk Fusion’s products are available in more than 140 countries.Learn more:


Talk Fusion Is Now Set Up To Serve The Country Of India

Bob Reina, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Talk Fusion recently announced that it will be expanding into India. The video marketing solution company is finding that its products are taking hold all over the globe, and its new office in India will go a long way to help the company offer direct support to its customers there. Mr. Reina commented that the new office would also double up as a place where locals can get training with its platform and that the people who are working in the new office are happy to be a part of the Talk Fusion team. The manager of the office in India, Guru Lal Singh, expressed his desire to help people discover the wonderful communication possibilities that video messages can bring to the local business communities in the country. He also communicated that the business culture at the Talk Fusion office in India would be focused on the community there.


Talk Fusion is already extremely popular in the United States where companies and business people rely on it for video marketing and video email products. The company’s unique selling approach, which relies on individual associates all over the globe, has allowed it to reach more people with its top-of-the-line solutions for video marketing. With sale’s associates in more than 140 countries and a payout structure that is highly rewarding, more and more people are not only promoting the company’s products but also buying them.


Talk Fusion was originally formulated in 2004 when Bob Reina discovered he couldn’t send a short video clip through email. He thought that if he could only figure out a way to do this that many people would flock to the idea. To make his vision a reality he contacted a friend who had the tech skills to develop it, and by 2007, Talk Fusion was born. In the beginning, the company offered video marketing programs but eventually unveiled more and more other helpful products for marketers.


Talk Fusion is the only company that grants its sale’s associates instant pay when they close a deal, and this is encouraging many people to join the program. On top of this, the company supports a large variety of charitable organizations and causes that help people and animals all over the world. Bob Reina feels satisfied with this, because he has always wanted to be a part of a company that makes a difference in a spread of different areas in peoples and animals lives. Learn more:

Rick Smith Leads Securus Forward

Rick Smith began working at SECURUS Technology in 2008 as their Chief Executive Officer. He has a great deal of experience in the corrections field and he also has impressive connections that he developed through a strong business network. This experienced has ensured his success at SECURUS and he is already making improvements all across the board. Rick Smith is known for his leadership skills and he devotion to providing his clients and customers with the highest quality products that he is able to. He is also very focused on customer service and that drives him to push the company to perform to the best of their potential. Under Rick Smith’s leadership, SECURUS handles the telecommunications services for over a million inmates all over the country. In addition to phone calls, they provide emergency response services, inmate monitoring, investigation aids, and incident management to all the corrections facilities that they work with.Rick Smith broke into the working field when he graduated from college and joined the Global Crossing North America Inc. He was so widely adored at this company that he worked there for 26 years.

He continued to be promoted from within the company and served at their Chief Information Officer as well as their Controller Officer. He then joined Frontier Information Technologies and worked as their President.Rick Smith was also the Vice President at Midwest Telephone Operations. He continued to building up experience and gaining new knowledge when he worked as the Operations Director at the Network Plant. He then went on to become the Director of Business Development and later worked in the financial management sector of the company as the Vice President. After his time at Global Crossing North America, Rick Smith moved over to Eschelon Telecom Inc. He worked there for two years and served as their Chief Financial Officer. He did such a good job in that position that they promoted him to President of the company, and later on he became their Chief Executive Officer.

Rick Smith made huge improvements during his time at Eschelon and was able to increase their profit margin by over $300 million.Rick Smith then decided to move over to SECURUS Technologies and after proving the positive benefits he would have on the company, they gave him a position as their company Chairman. That was in 2009 and ever since he has made some really innovative changes that worked out well. Rick Smith has been able to guide SECURUS forward in order to surpass their competition and it is thanks to him that they are not performing much better in terms of their products, as well as their customer service. Rick Smith has also made several smart investments for SECURUS that will allow them to remain progressive as technology advances.

Rick Smith Transforms the Securus Technologies

The success of any investment or firm depends on the management of the leaders in the firm. The leaders make the critical decisions in monitoring the success of any business. To have a leader heading a successful business implies the skillful character of the leader. As Rick Smith notes, the trend of a business reflects the management and their ability to make policies that shape the business. It is clear as a leader and a business mentor Rick Smith has proven beyond doubt his skills in leading a business and making a success the growth of Securus Technologies. Being a CEO of the company is a role that Smith assumed in the year 2008.A leader needs to have strong educational and professional background so as to make the business one is heading a success. It is notable that Rick did not only attain an associate degree in Engineering but rather went ahead to pursue a Master’s Degree in the discipline at the Simon School. The vast educational background pushed the CEO’s skills of leadership and engineering to greater heights.

Far from this educational background, Rick has had vast experience in business operations, the information department and in Finance. The expertise gained from the different fields has evidently supported his leadership in raising the revenues of the Securus Technologies.His experience does not only entail Securus Technologies rather other reputable organizations that include the Global Crossing. In the Global crossing, Smith worked for almost two decades acquiring vast experience and expertise both as a controller and also as the executive information officer. He has also been at the forefront of leading the Frontier Information Technologies whereby he once acted as the president. Eschelon Telecom is another firm that has witnessed his leadership greatly as he did not only serve as the executive financial Officer rather still like the president of the company.

During his tenure in the company, the company enjoyed a growth of 1200% in revenues till the year 2007 when he retired from the company.It is evident that Rick manifests his leadership skills not only through heading the firms but rather by his passionate ambitions to provide a result oriented leadership. This trait that is possessed by CEO Smith ensures that all firms that he heads perform excellently in the global market at large. His diverse expertise is also a notion that should not be ignored in explaining his Success in Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies has been in the forefront of ensuring technology protection to the society and the clients it provides services to. It is notable that in the world of IT there numerous innovations that are leading to security threats to technology users and thus Rick Smith has proven his passion for his profession.

Talk Fusion

If you are a business owner, who prefers to market their goods through digital programs or someone who works with advertising agencies than am a hundred percent sure Talk fusion does not sound like Greek to you. On the other hand, if you are wondering what kind of fruit or gadget Talk fusion is, then don’t worry because am about to make it all clear.

First things first, the program was established by Bob Reina who has been in the network marketing industry for two decades now. That gives you a reason to trust the program as you can be sure it’s from someone who has seen it all during the period that he has been around and had the experience to give you the best. Now talk fusion is an online structure which is all about business promotion through digital products. The company began its operation in 2007 and all the goods offered are video in nature. These include live video chats with your clients, newsletters, blogs and plenty others. Its primary motive is to help business owners attract and retain customers, increase sales and be able to stand out in the face of competition.

New training program

In a move to maximize the ability of its subscribers, Talk Fusion recently launched a new training program which goes by the name Talk Fusion University. The program was released on a live broadcast and had hundreds of anticipating viewers. Through talk Fusion University, the company’s founder and chief executive officer will be able to train and share digital marketing tips and experiences with myriads of its associates. That will be made possible by the step by step videos which will he will provide. Before the launch of the program, Bob would send such training and motivational messages through Facebook live and also on corporate broadcasts such as Live Meetings. But with the recent release of the training program all that is much easier as now the followers will know where to find him specifically. The deal is even better if you are a talk fusion associate as you can access all his coaching videos free of charge. The program is currently available in two languages but is soon to be translated to even more languages to ensure it reaches and helps as many people as possible. However, to access it, you need to be a member. There is no better way than to hear it from the horse’s mouth and through talk fusion university you have the opportunity to do exactly that. Learn more: