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Jason Hope Changes the Idea of Aging

Everyone generally agrees that aging is a natural part of the life cycle. In fact, aging is considered graceful, an indication of wisdom, an expert on all things, especially life. Aging for some is a beautiful, natural process, but for others, aging is not all it’s cracked up to be. For some aging can be heartbreaking and unbearable, filled with pain, anguish, and confusion.

Aging comes with a variety of complications, namely Alzheimer’s, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer and high blood pressure. These conditions can make the quality of life in elderly people less than desirable. But conventional medicine has done nothing but help treat these conditions after they exist, instead of actively attempting to prevent them in the first place. Which means that anyone diagnosed with any of these conditions faces a tough and challenging future if they have one at all.

But there are some in the medial industry who are hoping to change the status quo. Jason Hope is one such person. Hope is an Arizona philanthropist and entrepreneur based in Scottsdale who is committed to finding ways in which the healthcare industry can address the complications of aging. In December 2010, Hope embarked on a journey with an organization called the SENS Research Foundation.

His $500,000 donation made on that day, helped the organization establish a laboratory program in the United Kingdom, which in turn began using biotechnology to help counteract aging and prevent age-related illnesses.

Biotechnology examines living organisms and organic systems in order to develop new products that improve quality of life. Biotech products are also used to improve agricultural methods and increase understanding of how medicine can combat a disease.

Founded in March 2009, the SENS Research Foundation has invested in research programs dedicated to learning about the aging process, attempting to eliminate age-related illnesses and transform the public perception of aging in the hopes of innovative change.

It is in this mission that Jason Hope and the SENS Foundation have become allies. Both believe that technology, particularly biotechnology, can help repair living cells within patient’s bodies in order to prevent the effects of aging altogether. By focusing on the root causes of age-related illnesses at a cellular level, SENS hopes to eradicate these illnesses, ensuring that humans have a longer and healthier lifespan.

By consistently studying, researching, and developing cellular research, SENS and Jason Hope believe that humans will eventually have the opportunity to live for hundreds if not thousands of years.

With Hope’s donations, SENS and researchers have been able to develop medications known as age-breakers. Glycation end-products are substances that build up in a person’s body as he or she ages. The substance causes veins and skin to become less flexible, increasing the risk of high blood pressure, causing stiffness in the body, and other age-related complications.

Age-breakers are drugs that help eliminate glycation end-products. While researchers have been able to successfully develop these medications for small animals, they have not been able to reproduce the same results for humans. But that doesn’t mean they still won’t try.

In fact, current research has been able to identify at least one glycation end-product, glucosepane. Glucosepane is the most prevalent glycation end-product found in the human body. Researchers have been able to determine that glucosepane does, in fact, promote aging as well as severe health problems in elderly patients. This is merely the beginning of the anti-aging research movement, but it’s an amazing start.

Jason Hope understands this and is working hard to promote further research and study into the prevention of age-related illnesses, and quite possibly delay the aging process altogether.

His commitment is unmatched. When speaking about his reasons for supporting the SENS Foundation, Hope explained that seeking to treat Alzheimer’s or heart and lung diseases is only a fraction of true healthcare. Once these conditions have triggered harmful symptoms, a patient’s quality of life diminishes dramatically. But by preventing these illnesses in the first place humanity is taking an evolutionary leap forward.

It’s too soon to say whether biotechnology will help eliminate the aging process altogether, but it is safe to say that further research and studies need to be conducted so that at least, old age doesn’t have to be painful or languishing, but instead the graceful, dignifying experience it should be.

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Rick Smith Leads Securus Forward

Rick Smith began working at SECURUS Technology in 2008 as their Chief Executive Officer. He has a great deal of experience in the corrections field and he also has impressive connections that he developed through a strong business network. This experienced has ensured his success at SECURUS and he is already making improvements all across the board. Rick Smith is known for his leadership skills and he devotion to providing his clients and customers with the highest quality products that he is able to. He is also very focused on customer service and that drives him to push the company to perform to the best of their potential. Under Rick Smith’s leadership, SECURUS handles the telecommunications services for over a million inmates all over the country. In addition to phone calls, they provide emergency response services, inmate monitoring, investigation aids, and incident management to all the corrections facilities that they work with.Rick Smith broke into the working field when he graduated from college and joined the Global Crossing North America Inc. He was so widely adored at this company that he worked there for 26 years.

He continued to be promoted from within the company and served at their Chief Information Officer as well as their Controller Officer. He then joined Frontier Information Technologies and worked as their President.Rick Smith was also the Vice President at Midwest Telephone Operations. He continued to building up experience and gaining new knowledge when he worked as the Operations Director at the Network Plant. He then went on to become the Director of Business Development and later worked in the financial management sector of the company as the Vice President. After his time at Global Crossing North America, Rick Smith moved over to Eschelon Telecom Inc. He worked there for two years and served as their Chief Financial Officer. He did such a good job in that position that they promoted him to President of the company, and later on he became their Chief Executive Officer.

Rick Smith made huge improvements during his time at Eschelon and was able to increase their profit margin by over $300 million.Rick Smith then decided to move over to SECURUS Technologies and after proving the positive benefits he would have on the company, they gave him a position as their company Chairman. That was in 2009 and ever since he has made some really innovative changes that worked out well. Rick Smith has been able to guide SECURUS forward in order to surpass their competition and it is thanks to him that they are not performing much better in terms of their products, as well as their customer service. Rick Smith has also made several smart investments for SECURUS that will allow them to remain progressive as technology advances.

Innovation and Integrity – Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith – An Extraordinary Business Leader Enhancing Communications, Increasing Safety

Introduction – With over eleven million people cycling through jails and prisons in America each year, it is crucial that those incarcerated can communicate regularly with friends and relatives to feel less alienated, less angry and more connected with outside society. These types of enhanced and normalized communications have been shown by numerous studies to enhance the possibility of rehabilitation and thus help prevent recidivism and reincarceration.

Safety First while Reducing Crime – Enhanced communications are also crucial to maintain the safety of jail personnel and to contain violence and prevent crime inside and out of jails and prisons. Through his insightful efforts and innovative leadership, Securus CEO Rick Smith has developed the latest in technology to help accomplish safer environments for inmates, staff and for the public at large.

CEO Rick Smith – A Stellar Leader with Stellar Credentials– Richard “Rick” Smith the CEO of Securus Technologies brings the utmost in intelligence and education and experience to the job of providing secure communications to jails and prisons throughout the United States.Rick’s impressive credentials include training in both business and engineering. He first obtained an Associate’s degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology and then went on to gain a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from SUNY Buffalo. Rick then obtained a Master’s degree in Engineering from SUNY and an MBA from the University of Rochester.

Leadership Positions – Rick Smith has been the CEO of Securus Technology since 2014. Prior to this, he was President/CEO of Securus, President/COO and CFO of Eschelon Telecom Inc. and served in various executive positions for over 25 years at Global Crossing North America. In addition, Rick holds important memberships on both the Integra Telecom COLTD and Eschelon Telecom Boards. Securus also strongly supports the Fallen Correctional Officer Fund and other correctional officer support programs.

Providing Jobs and Solutions – Securus Technologies led by Rick Smith has a strong workforce of over 1000 associates and serves more than 2500 public safety, law enforcement and correctional agencies and over 1,200,000 inmates in the United States and Canada.

In Highest Regard – Rick Smith and Securus Technologies are held in the highest esteem within the law enforcement and corrections communities. Multiple email recommendations from many institutions attest to Rick’s skill in guiding Securus to provide the highest quality in correctional institutional communication systems.

Stopping Crime – Aid in solving jail discipline cases, apprehending criminals, controlling contraband and obtaining search warrants for corrupt staff members and controlling alcohol and drug sales and use are only some of the benefits of using Securus’ platforms and communication systems that have been extolled by their many clients. In fact, Rick Smith and his team at Securus have even been given credit for being instrumental in the apprehending of a bank robbery suspect.

Summary – Richard” Rick” Smith is a “one of a kind” leader combining outstanding intellect and ability with a tremendous desire to help society. His many communication innovations have helped treat those incarcerated with greater respect and dignity while reducing crime and increasing staff safety.

About Securus Technologies Chair and CEO, Rick Smith

Rich Smith is the chairperson and chief executive officer at Securus Technologies. He has served in this capacity since 2008. Securus is a pioneering company that offers an array of services to public service agencies and helps business owners with monitoring services. Securus has its headquarters in Dallas, TX, and served over 2,450 public safety, correctional institutions, and law enforcement firms. Additionally, Securus serves more than 1.2 million inmates in the northern parts of America.Rick studied at the University of Rochester where he graduated with an MBA. Rick also enrolled at State University of New York at Buffalo where he majored in engineering, and later graduated from the State University of New York with master’s degree in Engineering.Securus is among the leading provider of both criminal and civil technology solutions with a primary goal of helping in investigations, monitoring, corrections, and ensuring high public safety. Several clients have highly expressed their satisfaction on the services offered at Securus Technologies. The firm has continually received credits from clients through email communications and formal letters. A case in point is safety in incarceration environment.

Securus regularly launches new products and services to help in corrections and law enforcement. Apart from offering solutions, the company is equally concerned with the prevention and mitigation of crimes as well. Through technology, Securus is now able to protect the rights of the innocent by redacting a specific reference to the state.One of the satisfied clients at Securus Technology stated that the company helped them track the cell phone information to get a search warrant. This further enabled them to trace a corrupt staff member. Another clients outlined how monitoring services offered at Securus enable to keep track of cellular device usage, suspicious communications, money transfers, inmate alcohol use and selling within their facility. The Information provided by Securus enabled them to enhance safety and security within their facility.

Through modern investigative tools used at Securus Technologies, clients are now able to conduct investigations more efficiently. Similarly, clients are now able to take proactive measures by tracking all incidences of contraband in the facility. One client confessed that this technology has greatly improved on the inmate and worker security within their correctional facility. Securus Technologies is critical about serving and connecting with clients in offering emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, communication, in-mate self-service, product and service monitoring, incidence management, and communication.According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies is a strong investment which is keen in serving its clients with the aid of high-tech solutions. The company is specifically honored for its social responsibility to improve security and protect the community. Finally, Securus is resourceful in protecting the rights of the innocent while enhancing safety and mitigating crimes in the society.

Rick Smith Transforms the Securus Technologies

The success of any investment or firm depends on the management of the leaders in the firm. The leaders make the critical decisions in monitoring the success of any business. To have a leader heading a successful business implies the skillful character of the leader. As Rick Smith notes, the trend of a business reflects the management and their ability to make policies that shape the business. It is clear as a leader and a business mentor Rick Smith has proven beyond doubt his skills in leading a business and making a success the growth of Securus Technologies. Being a CEO of the company is a role that Smith assumed in the year 2008.A leader needs to have strong educational and professional background so as to make the business one is heading a success. It is notable that Rick did not only attain an associate degree in Engineering but rather went ahead to pursue a Master’s Degree in the discipline at the Simon School. The vast educational background pushed the CEO’s skills of leadership and engineering to greater heights.

Far from this educational background, Rick has had vast experience in business operations, the information department and in Finance. The expertise gained from the different fields has evidently supported his leadership in raising the revenues of the Securus Technologies.His experience does not only entail Securus Technologies rather other reputable organizations that include the Global Crossing. In the Global crossing, Smith worked for almost two decades acquiring vast experience and expertise both as a controller and also as the executive information officer. He has also been at the forefront of leading the Frontier Information Technologies whereby he once acted as the president. Eschelon Telecom is another firm that has witnessed his leadership greatly as he did not only serve as the executive financial Officer rather still like the president of the company.

During his tenure in the company, the company enjoyed a growth of 1200% in revenues till the year 2007 when he retired from the company.It is evident that Rick manifests his leadership skills not only through heading the firms but rather by his passionate ambitions to provide a result oriented leadership. This trait that is possessed by CEO Smith ensures that all firms that he heads perform excellently in the global market at large. His diverse expertise is also a notion that should not be ignored in explaining his Success in Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies has been in the forefront of ensuring technology protection to the society and the clients it provides services to. It is notable that in the world of IT there numerous innovations that are leading to security threats to technology users and thus Rick Smith has proven his passion for his profession.

Transforming Internal Medicine, Dr. Imran Haque

Today there are technological breakthroughs occurring almost every hour in which some new technology or invention revolutionizes an industry or at least a facet of an industry. Throughout the world there are such expanses occurring in every field including the medical field. Most notable is the advancement of robotic machines in the surgical theater. It is growing more and more common for surgeons to use robots to assist them in their operations or even control the robot remotely and do the surgery from a computer desk.

While some of this may sound a bit intense rest assured, in order for a surgeon to utilize robotic assistance while operating he or she must already be an expert surgeon. The surgeon remains in complete and total control over the machine, translating motions of the surgeon with much more dexterity than possible with a human’s hand. One such surgeon is Dr. Imran Haque at the Horizon Internal Medicine center in Asheboro, North Carolina. With well over 15 years of experience, Dr. Imran Haque is a noted physician with a kind hearted nature.

Dr. Imran Haque believes in the multi-headed approach in which a physician relies on his or herself along with a team of specialists to ensure that patients get the best possible care. Specializing in internal medicine, Dr. Imran Haque is a leading expert on Diabetes and the treatment of this disease. Having a skilled physician in your corner when you begin your battle against Diabetes is one of the key elements to successfully climbing the hill of managing your Diabetes.

Dr Imran Haque is a specialist who passionately attends several medical facilities including his own practice, Horizon Internal Medicine. Through his career Dr. Haque has established a transformative and multi-faceted approach to help those with crippling illnesses manage them and live the best lives they can possibly live and even in some cases rid the patient of their ailment.

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Rick Smith Steers Securus Technologies to Soaring Heights

Rick Smith is a globally recognized tech executive with a proven investment record. Currently, Rick Smith serves as the president and CEO of Securus Technologies, a position he assumed in June 2008. Under his tenure, Smith has made Securus Technologies the best platform to use when making calls to prisons.

Career at Securus Technologies

As the CEO of the leading provider of inmate communication technologies, Smith is responsible for managing daily operations at Securus Technologies. Rick Smith is the epicenter of developing and implementing expansion plans at the inmate technology solutions giant. Under his visionary leadership, Securus has invested over $600 million in technology advancement in a quest to better serve their clients. Additionally, he has helped the firm get licenses for most of its tech solutions as well as forming formidable partnerships with other companies.As a great team leader, Smith has developed a culture of teamwork at the firm. With this culture in the company’s DNA, the employees work harmoniously around the clock developing cutting-edge technologies to ensure smooth running and management of correctional facilities. Under his tenure, Securus Technologies has become the most sought after inmate technology service provider.Excellent customer care and state-of-the-art-technology are now the terms used to describe Securus Technologies. Many of their clients talk highly of the company. Correctional facilities and law enforcement officers have also praised Securus Technologies for providing them with tools that help them keep their regions crime free.

Career and Education Background

Growing to hold such a big position requires a solid educational background. Rick Smith graduated with an undergraduate bachelor degree in engineering from the University of California, Buffalo. He later joined the State University of New York where he earned his advanced degree in engineering. Smith later graduated with an MBA degree from the prestigious University of Rochester. Rick Smith also holds an associate’s degree from the Rochester Institute of technology. As if not enough, Smith pursues short professional courses and frequents educational conferences.Rick Smith has unmatched experience and has held different positions in various reputed organizations. At Frontier Corporations, he served in several departments including accounting, management, operations, information technology, and business development. At Eschelon Telecom, Smith managed to raise the revenue of the firm from $30 million to over $350 million within nine years before leading the company to a successful IPO in 2005. Smith also steered EBITA to a landmark $80 million in revenues.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an inmate technology solutions provider. Securus has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The firm serves over 1,200,000 prisoners and over 3,400 law enforcement, correctional facilities, and public safety agencies in North America. The company offers services such as communications, monitoring, public information, biometric analysis, emergency response and incident management. Under the leadership of Smith, the company enjoys over 600% performance better than its competitors.

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Rick Smith; The Innovative Business Leader Behind Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is among the biggest firms providing a variety of services that seek to improve lives for inmates as they serve their jail term. The company has earned reputation in the correctional facility market, and it is probably the most sought-after inmate communications service provider in America. The company integrates the use of modern technology to make communication easy, effective and affordable for inmates. However, the success of the company has not been earned overnight; it has been achieved through the relentless efforts and the able leadership of the CEO, Rick Smith.

Rick Smith joined the company and assumed the role of the Chief Executive Officer when the firm was not doing well in regard to correctional facility technology. His knowledge on the latest technological developments has improved communication and safety in prisons, and this has made the lives of prisoners bearable. He has a keen interest in telecommunication and innovative technologies that have enabled him to lead Securus Technologies to unprecedented heights within a relatively short period at the helm of the company. Read more about Rick on

Rick Smith has an impressive education background. His academic qualifications and extensive experience have made him the best CEO Securus has ever had. Rick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the State University of New York. He later earned an MBA from the University of Rochester. His engineering background helps him to understand all the telecommunication technology development while the business skills make him a brilliant business administrator.

Previously, Smith held various senior positions with some of the leading companies in America and his experience in communication technology sector has helped him to transform the Securus Technologies into a reputable technology giant. Rick served at Global Crossing from 1972 to 1998, where he held senior information and managerial positions. He later left the firm for Eschelelon Telecom, Inc. Due to his outstanding performance; he climbed the ranks to the post of the Chief Executive Officer within a short duration.

When Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies, he focused on developing effective business strategies that have enabled the company to expand its markets and offer a broad range of products to a huge percentage of prisons in the country. Under his leadership, Securus has helped reduce crime rates by enhancing the capacity of the security officers to prevent different types of crimes. Besides, Rick Smith Securus has pioneered the development of efficient communication monitoring systems that help prison staff to monitor all communication among prisoners efficiently. Currently, Securus Technologies is collecting reliable information that law enforcement agencies are using to charge criminals in the law courts. More interestingly, Securus has also developed video visitation technology, which is helping inmates to keep in touch with their close friends and relatives.

Securus Technologies Makes It Easier For Inmates to Communicate With Their Families

The results are in from a survey done by Securus Technologies, a firm that provides technology solutions for prisons. In the survey, it was found that over half of all prisons in the United States of America were planning on updating their technology in 2016 in order to improve productivity and inmate satisfaction. Fifty-six percent of prisons said that they will be updating their technology and fifty-five percent said that updating their technology will be a key focus of their strategy in 2016. So in order to be able to provide prisons with the solutions that they will need, Securus Technologies invested in a one and a half million dollar center in Carrollton, TX, just outside of Dallas. The center is 10,500 square feet and is a center for all of the latest and most recently updated solutions for technology needs in prisons.

Securus Technologies is located and based in Dallas, Texas. It serves 3,450 law enforcement and correction agencies and has provided solutions for 1,200,000 inmates across North America. Some of their services include inmate self-service, inmate communication, as well as many aspects of management that are needed in correctional facilities in order to keep the world a safe place to live in. 

They help inmates keep in touch with their families and provide ways for them to be able to call and communicate with their families and loved ones. Some family members would love to visit their loved one who is in prison but are unable to make the long trip. They also may be unable to visit the prison for a host of other reasons. That’s why Securus Technologies has come up with an excellent solution: Video visiting, where family members can place video inmate phone calls and visit their incarcerated loved ones from the comfort of their homes. All one needs to do is download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

Securus Technologies is not a part of the health supplement Securus nor is it affiliated with the Securus America web domain.

Securus House is a safe house for domestic violence victims and is also not a part of Securus Technologies.