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Nine9 Founder And CEO Does An Interview On Ideamensch

What is Nine9?

Nine9 is a talent agency that was created in 2003. It was originally called Coral Reef Productions and started out in Florida before expanding across the country. The founder of Nine9 is Anthony Toma.

What makes Nine9 Talent Agency a different kind of talent agency is that it allows aspiring actors and models to market themselves on the Nine9 online and print platforms. The only thing stopping an actor or model from reaching success on Nine9 is their own talent, skills, and dedication. The agency has real castings and works with some of the biggest name in entertainment, theater, and fashion. Thousands of people have found work through Nine9 and hundreds of producers and designers use Nine9 to recruit new talent for their shows and film.

Highlights From The Ideamensch Interview

Anthony Toma, the founder and chief executive officer of Nine9 the An agency was asked by Ideamensch on where he got the idea to start Nine9. His answer was that he originally wanted to start a grocery business franchise. His search for a franchise business led him to a modeling and acting franchise. He successfully entered this franchise business, but his investors and managers did not run the franchise brand very well. So in 2003, Anthony Toma launched his own company called Coral Reef Productions that eventually became Nine9. Click Here to read Nine9 Blogs.

The next question give to Anthony Toma by Ideamensch was how a typical day unfolds for him. He says he begins his day by driving his kids to school and playing rhyme games with them. Then when he is driving to his office, he listens to audio books about business or motivational stories in his car. Once he is at work, he goes through his daily routine which involves planning on what he needs to do and then getting work in actually doing it. for more.