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Chris Brown and Jamie Foxx Talk Change

Chris Brown and Jamie Foxx seem like long time friends in the intro to “You Changed Me.”
This intro is not on the CD, but it does appear at the beginning of the video. It shows just how close Brown and Foxx may have become during the making of this song. Jamie Foxx did a lot of talking about this song, and many people wondered what the video would look like.

One thing that is bound to be a conversation starter is the fact that Grace Gealey is in the video. She is even referenced as an actress from a TV show which really makes fans think that Foxx is into her. She is beautiful in different scenes throughout the video as Foxx talks and dances with her. He makes her laugh throughout the video. Chris Brown has an undiscovered beauty in his scenes. Inside of a crowded room Chris talks about how he has left a lot of other women behind for her.

In a recent discussion, Igor Cornelsen told writers at that this is one of those songs that could slowly become a hit on the radio for the summer. It isn’t the fast summer paced radio jam that is usually a summer hit, but it could easily become a midnight pleasure soundtrack for all those summer weddings that are bound to take place. This is a song that proves the Mr. Foxx is still passionate about music after all these years.