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The Weeknd’s Starboy Tops the Charts Again

The Weeknd is definitely feeling like a Starboy right now with his 2016 album topping the charts 3rd week in a row. Coming close behind are Bruno Mar’s LP 24K Magic and the newcomers, indie-pop trio, the XX. The irony of it all is that The Weeknd hasn’t sold as many physical albums.

The Weeknd’s Starboy album continues to lead in the top 200 charts with two of his songs becoming favorites among RnB lovers. His singles Starboy and Party Lover are the reason why this 2016 album is trending—and here is the good reason why.

Gone are the days when topping charts meant you sold as many albums as possible. With today’s online streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, leading the charts also means your album is frequently streamed by listeners—this is where The Weeknd leads the pack.

Starboy and Party Monster garnered over 57.2 million streams towards the end of January, followed close by The XX’s album I See You with 12.3 million streams. But you can already see the staggering difference. If we talk about physical album sales, the Weeknd comes nowhere near The XXs, or Bruno Mars 24K Magic.

So it’s official, streaming is the future of music sales and leading the charts. Technology will always come up with a way of eliminating the old in favor of the new. Just the other day, we were blasting music off our cd players before we picked up the iPod. Today, we don’t even have to buy CDs or copy music to our portable audio players, a monthly subscription to services like Spotify takes care of our music needs.

As the Weeknd’s Starboy takes the lead yet again, other top performers in the charts include Justin Timberlake’s Troll soundtrack ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ and soundtrack to the global musical La La Land.